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Achilles armor and helmet

OP Richguyz90

How many of you ladies and gentlemen have seen this armor during a match making game *I only did once* ( my team barley got kills)
its not so hard to see that armor
Alucardko wrote:
its not so hard to see that armor
yeah maybe because I'm always lagging and never get increased level
Used to a lot, but I think it lost its appeal a long time ago.
I can't remember a time I was in a match without seeing someone using Achilles armor and helmet. I use it, but I mean besides myself there are always multiple people with it in each match (Warzone).
I seen it a bunch of times, when it first came out me and my friends used to get exited over that armor but now it’s just meh
About 30% of the time
It's more common now since the games has been around a while.
I see it almost every match and have been using it ever since I unlocked it... it's almost the only armor which I feel that I really worked to get so that's why it matters to me
I see at least one or two people with it every game. H5 has been out so long that a lot of older companies with lax activity requirements are starting to unlock it
Achilles has lost almost all rarity
Scorrrrpio wrote:
Achilles has lost almost all rarity
Not sure much of anything is all that rare anymore. Late stage game cycles do that.
I think the helmet becomes more common having a close level I speak 150 most of the time