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Add turrets to main bases in WZ to prevent farming

OP FatherlyNick

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What would spice things up would be if each turret received too much damage in its standing it will cover itself underground waiting for someone to activate it again. I think turrets should only be deployed when you reach level 5 req, but it doesn't affect your level like when you're choosing an ability e.g. Death from Above.
this is actually a really good idea
Yer I would use snippets 2
i agree
This definitely sounds like a cool idea but I feel that it could be a potential problem. This would need a lot of work and would need lots of testing. But I hope they do something to prevent farming.
They won't cause they (343industries) don't do anything to stop this.
Imo- the only things that needs
to be added is more escape routes from your base, b/c honestly if you let yourself get farmed its your fault. Maybe like on March on STORMBREAK there was another path on opposite side of cliff towards the caves. More pathways
Not a bad idea to help stop stupid -Yoink- farmers
Except that you want the solution to come to you. And this applies to all who hate farmers and who whine about farming. If you whine and whine about farming odds are you are a solo player and do not put in the effort of finding a team. You want the solution handed on a plate to you, because you are too lazy. And why should I stop playing with a team and cater to a bunch of whiners? I refuse to play how you see fit. I refuse to play your way. I will not coddle a bunch of kids who cry. And the reason I call the whiners kids because they are like children almost, they cry and cry until they get their way or throw a temper tantrum when they don't. Hopefully 343 gives you the finger this time but I doubt they will because they have taken this into account and "intend to steer all teams away from this kind of behavior."

If you hate farming so much, how about you put in the effort to party up and FIGHT! Freaking fight back already instead of crying, I demand it! I demand you pick up your BR and shoot back, I demand you bring a team to face mine!

You can call me a farmer. But what does a farmer do? Harvest crops. Keep on crying while I keep on fighting. Reality sucks, eh? Go on, report the post because it may offend some of you sweet little munchkins. It won't change the facts. You won't silence me.

Rant over.
They won't cause they (343industries) don't do anything to stop this.
Hopefully they don't. They don't need to, the problem is on your end not theirs.
I think this is a good idea to prevent farming and camping outside of main bases and that it will prove effective I think the developers should look into this. Although it does not happen to me often because I am usually with a team of players and it does not happen to us.
So the way you get farmed is because the enemy team can safely wait outside of your base.

Now what if there were 'Guardians' in the from of automate turrets outside of your Main base which will shoot at any hostile that gets too close.
Turrets will be disabled if your core is rendered vulnerable. This will ensure that the enemy is still able to take out your core when they need to.

What do you think?

I think turrets would definitely help this out:

EDIT: For the triple cap farming - Neutral AI enemies should be able to capture back bases. Also, make Warden move around the whole map freely and go to the location where most players are would break up the outside of base camp.

Spawn point selection should also be available if there too many enemies right outside of your base.
wow that clip is just sad
However, despite my rant, I will be fair. The base design is rather poor, Planetside 1 had better base design but at the same time that is an MMOFPS, while Halo 5 isn't. If you had a complex with several safe rooms with plenty of cover and elevation. Allow players to choose their spawn rooms and the central complex is where the core would be. But it is already too late to fix those design flaws in the bases. Also fixing spawning would help things. Blocking off the landing pads and putting force fields may help as well. Shouldn't be too hard, all you have to do is program the one way shields and add them in the environment.
I think it's a bad idea. Either your team knows what they are doing or they don't. Turrets would make it virtually impossible because knowing 343 they would make them as strong or stronger than marines.
Those guys camping outside, they're just not manly enough to fight people for real. They are so bad that they have to make a plan and actually spend time to come up with something to do this.
How about you just play with a team of 12 other decent players
That would be cool
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how about boosts given to players with consecutive deaths when the bases shields are down. increasing with each death.
example being, if you die 3 times while your base is vulnerable you get a free lvl one boost of your choice. and after another 3 deaths lvl 2 of your choice then lvl 3. and if you get up to more deaths with a lvl 3 boost and the enemy still hasn't destroyed the core? obviously your being farmed by that point and i say you just give them a ridiculous boost to get of the hole and have a fighting chance. lets see someone farm a team of all lvl 3 over shields with lvl 3 speed boosts, lvl 3 damage boost, and lvl 3 camo.

almost makes it where if the enemy team chooses to farm too hard they will be fighting against super Spartans
When the enemy have two bases why not have a " Last line of defence " a couple of turrets power up at help keep the core safe.
These manned turrets could only be access from inside the base so the enemy couldn't use them and would have a long recycle time but would stop farming as they could take out vehicle and Spartans and shielded as to not make them sitting targets, but once the shielding is down it would a easy kill ?

Another way to stop farming is a "Self destruct button" inside the cores shield if 6 of the team hit the button the core blows and they lose, finish the game quicker and stop farming ?
How will help this?
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