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[Locked] Alternative to Quick Coreing: Fastest XP Method?

OP Freezetyle

Hey all,

First off I want to ask mods to please let me know if suggesting purposely losing a match is against Code of Conduct or something. If so, I'll glady take down this post.

Anyway, I've done lots of research and xp testing of my own to find out the best xp rates from non-traditional means. ie: Quick Coreing, Speed running WZFF, Etc. and i've found that the most consistent "fast xp" is actually searching Mythic WZFF (alternatively, Legendary, if Mythic is unavailable) and purposely losing in the second round. The difference between a second round loss and actually winning the match is usually less than 1k experience. You can lose on the second round in 5-8 minutes, depending on if you luck out on optimal round compositions. All this to say, by getting a full team of 8 together (to ensure you're not ruining other's gaming experience) you can get upwards of 100k xp/hr which is INSANE. Not to mention this method is very afk and chill.

Let me know if this is something that people already do a lot or not. I'd love to get a squad together to try to grind out some easy xp.