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Am I the only one enjoying halo 5?

OP Envy okz

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Like seriously im seeing all of these threads about people not satisfied with the game but me on the other hand, im enjoying every aspect of the game. I finished the campaign on co-op and it fulfilled my expectations. Also the multiplayer was just as good. I understand that people want more gamemodes and so do I. Im sure that more will come. Lastly, the customisation is almost if not better than the customisation that was on halo reach. Ofcoarse im not saying this game is 100% perfect but its better than what some people say. Discuss.
I'm really enjoying it, no complaints from 5 others I know.
I love it!
I love Halo 5 and all the changes as much as I love all the other Halos and their changes.
I love the game! I don't see many problems besides split screen. But I do think 343 did a great job with Halo 5
I'm really enjoying it aswell to be honest.
You're not the only one by a large margin. I personally love the game; haven't found any issues yet, and I'm a grumpy old git.
Everyone enjoying the game is playing it. Just a vocal minority on here complaining. Typical AAA release.
Im loving it, really like Warzone
enjoying Warzone for the most part, not sure i want to go into arena much considering how reduced the gametype variety is.

The soundtrack is one of the best from video games in a while... no question about this... im going to get the soundtrack as my new driving CD.

i am looking forward to seeing how they resolve the plot in Halo 6, and though it ended better as a cliffhanger than we had in Halo 2.. tho i do feel like most of the campaign was kind of aimless.
A lot of people love it, but the few people who don't are on here complaining, such is an internet forum.
Me and my friends are enjoying it greatly.
To be honest, those who are enjoying it are too busy ingame to bother on the forums! The only reason I'm here is because the game is downloading!

No wonder you only see people arguing :^)
I'm enjoying it, I'm sure a lot of people are. But I also wish there was more.

I haven't played a halo since halo 3, so maybe i had my hopes up. But it blows my mind that there are only a handful of generic playlists. No slayer pro? No Team doubles? No team snipers? Where is the variety. I'm so burnt out on spawning with an AR and Pistol. I don't enjoy the AR at all. Game plays amazing though. My only real gripe is that I'm just doing the same playlist all day, and i don't even particularly enjoy it.

I hope that HCS deploys a playlist soon and I can just grind that all day.
I'm loving every second of it. You not the only one ^^
I am definately enjoying it too. Warzone is ace and makes a nice change to arena.
Legendary is a challenge so thats good too.
I've played every Halo since they came out. After Halo 4 and MCC I had some serious doubts about Halo 5. I've really enjoyed it so far though, I like how they finally brought the mechanics out of the dark age, and the weapon balance online is better than it has ever been. Every weapon you pick up has a purpose. I've played one mission so far, so I won't comment on the campaign but as far as multiplayer goes, right now, this is the best/most competitive Halo has been in a very long time
The campaign was terrible, but I like the matchmaking a lot. Its my favorite MP since Halo 3
Definitely missing BTB and a few other modes however. Also, are there only 3 Arena maps, or 4? Cause that's pretty weak
I really don't understand the hate, I think it may actually be the best Halo yet. Just finished the campaign and I'm really hyped for 6, for me it reminds me of the first games in that it feels really epic. Have been playing a lot of wayzone and slayer also and I'm having as much fun or more as I had with Halo 3. I actually can't find anything to complain about, this feels like what Halo should be like in 2015.

Love the game and would give it a 9/10 or maybe even 10. After playing this it will be hard to go back to MCC. People need to take of their nostalgia-glasses, if Halo 3 would be released beside this TODAY, people would prefer this.
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