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Amazon Pre Order


Basicly i pre ordered halo 5 from amazon and i read that there was a pre order bonus of a skinned SMG (Potence SMG Weapon Skin) and a projection SMG with long barrel. Ive spoke to amazon because I haven't received it, and they said to speak to Microsoft, and now there asking me to clarify it on here, so if there is anyone who could clarrifiy if for me that would be really helpful!
Ive read up on lots of websites about it and they are all showing the same skin.
Any help would be good!
You are correct, the amazon pre-order bonuses include an SMG skin, loadout weapon and visor. If you're wondering how to receive your bonuses, you should have received an email when your package was shipped. If you haven't received an email, contact Amazon and make proof of your purchase to a sales rep, they should be able to help you from there.

Just a heads up, this is the Halo Universe board, used for discussing the expanded universe. If you are ever looking for support, you should use the Waypoint support board found here.