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Any EU players still around?

OP MarkedMan7739

I find it really hard to find EU servers on matchmaking regardless of game mode I try to play. Once I choose balanced search type it takes average of 4 full searches before I find a match. With expanded search type I find games more often than not but then the ping is just horrible. People warping, bullets not hitting, movement hangs from time to time. Xbox live ping shows 49ms and NAT is open so I know the problem is not in my end.

I live in Finland and I play mostly at evenings and sometimes all the day. Only conclusion I can make is that either Halo has not too many EU servers active or there are no players in EU region playing but nights. Does anyone know what is actually going on?
Yep cant find Warzone games. WzFF is fast, Arena is ok.

Greetings from germany.