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Any One else get disconntected from multiplayer


I keep getting disconnected from the servers. I play a game for like 1 minute and then get DCed. Anyone else have this problem, or a way to fix it?
I haven't ever been able to connect to them. Not once since launch. Cant even play the game I bought.
Is your NAT type set to open? This can be checked from your Network settings in the actual Xbox One settings app.
Reading other forums i've heard nothing but great reviews on the matchmaking and how much better the experience has been than the MCC launch. So it's surprising to see two people mention connectivity issues.

If it's not set to Open you can login to your Router and change it by (usually) visiting
Yeah I keep getting booted mid-game with a message saying "Your fireteam has changed" ....
I've been disconnected once in five games. Got straight back on and had no problems. Probably just teething issues.