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Anyone just forget to open freebies for awhile?

OP Ninmue

I haven't played Halo 5 for about a month. Decided recently to hop back in due to bloated hype for Infinite. Was greeted with a free platinum pack, which I didn't really need but still appreciated. Before I opened it, I decided to pan through my library of unopened packs since I was there. I was in utter shock to see a vast collection of different unopened REQ packs, ranging from daily login bonuses to Arena/Warzone victory bonuses.

I also discovered that I never opened both the free "Pizza Party" pack and the Valentine's Day 2019 pack awarded months ago.

My library is now super stuffed with many a Gavel and Phaeton Helios.

I guess I just forgot that free REQ packs existed. Anybody else just forget to open free stuff like this?
Nah man I get pumped. When I first started playing Halo, I didn't really conceptually understand the system so I had a major backlog as a result of that.
I usually save up 20 or 30 packs at a time before I start opening them. I don't need anything other than XP boosts, so by the time I've saved up that many packs I've run out of those and it's time to restock.
It has gotten to a point for me now where I have nothing else to gain from opening the packs. Because of this, I have quite the build-up of points and packs.
yeh i think ive got like 92 packs and half a million req points or somethin