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Anyone think new helmets will come to halo 5?

OP Daddy Bojangle

title. Does anyone think 343i will bring new helmets to halo 5? Hopefully with challenges to do? The Timmy helmet is cool and so is the olive but we need more I think at least 5.

Really upset me when me and my buddy grinded for the helioskrills before the game came out in the master chief collection and later they released it with different skins and not only that accidentally released the one for the achievement that 0.80% completed.

Just kinda miss playing for armor in the game kinda made it more exciting.
No. New game in the works. Halo 5's already seen the last of its content drops.
I think that H5 already has enough helmets to choose from.... I'll rather get my Ultra Rare and Legendary Loadouts and Certifications faster!
Highly unlikely, believe they've said there not working on anymore content updates for Halo 5, the only thing that will most likely change is forge maps in matchmaking as a sort 'refresh', the 152 rank reward for Infinite.
I just hope they don't look nearly as crappy as they have been in Halo's 4 and 5. Some were okay but the majority looks like they came from a Transformers movie or different paintball masks.
No more helmets (or new content of that matter) will be coming to Halo 5 as of August 2017.
I doubt it because of Infinite. But I think most people are in agreement that they want more of that kind of armor unlock system in the new game. Hopefully we get it.
No, they are working on Infinite luckly.