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Armor Design

OP oaedoo

The ugly armor, but not all of them look ugly to be honest, just the obvious, if you see someone wearing the Legionnaire helmet they are a troll, mentally challenged, or have bad taste. I respect the hard work and ingenuity but seriously it's bad.
But 343 is really really good at making good armor to, I'm not a 343 hater. Think of Achilles, Helioskrill, Recruit, there are a lot of good ones too.

What's your favorite armor, least favorite armor, and your favorite armor combo?

In MY opinion these are the ugly helmets. Like I said, I love and respect the ingenuity and hard work and these are MY OPINION.
Argus (50/50 in my opinion)
Mk V Alpha
Anubis (50/50)
Buccaneer (50/50)
Fotus (50/50)
Scanner (50/50)
Void Dancer
My least favorite armor has to be seeker. My least favorite helmet is Dynast. My favorite helmet is Hunter. My favorite armor is Recluse. I have to disagree with you on Legionaire tho its based off roman mythology and no I'm not stupid. I like it.
Foehammer looks like squidward with his eyes smashed in. One of my least favorites.
The H5 armor system is oversaturated and disorganized but I wont trash on anyone with unique tastes as I'm certainly no fashion police.

I think so long future armor systems are organized, the looks distinguishable, and the presence of special armors that one must earn are satisfyingly popular than I don't mind too much if they have a wonky model or two in there
EnderBot69 wrote:
My least favorite armor has to be seeker. My least favorite helmet is Dynast. My favorite helmet is Hunter. My favorite armor is Recluse. I have to disagree with you on Legionaire tho its based off roman mythology and no I'm not stupid. I like it.
It's based off Roman armor, but it doesn' t really looks like a legionario or even a centuria. Roman's helmet were way slimmer, with no big nose protection
Its like they drew some doodles with crayons, gave it to their teacher, considered it a helmet and called it a day. I still do like gungnir, but I don't see it in the halo 5 armors.
Just seeing how long this list is reminds me of how a smaller number of armor sets would have been beneficial in the long run. While there were still plenty of pieces I didn't like in Halo 3 or Reach, I could still just name them off and visualize them.

Seeker stands out in this list just because it was notorious/famous for being the ugliest thing to ever achieve touchdown in the series. I'd even say it stands out above the rest of ugly helmets just enough to earn an exclusive spot in Halo Infinite.
I’m a Mark VI guy, but When it comes to 343 Designs, Warrior is my favourite Armor made by them, the Sleek & Not overdone design makes me like it

When it comes to 343’s other mutant Armor sets, Seeker Legionare, Jumpmaster, Maverick, Nomad, Engineer, Pioneer, Buccaneer, Foehammer, Breaker, Recluse, Cyclops, Freebooter& Tracer, I really don’t know how or why these sets became a thing
I feel like a lot of the armor designs were overly detailed to a fault, textures upon textures, it hid the armors potential and sleek beauty. I'm not saying all of it is ugly by any means but I do know that my eye is drawn into the subtler armors because I feel like my eyes can glance, or stare at it without trying to make out what every little nodule bump or dent is.
I’ve been enjoying the noble 6 armor. It’s funny that it wasn’t in halo 4 I don’t think. I’m glad it’s based of a reach design. In fact my first favorites are the old school styles then halo 4 and then 5’s style. But halo 5 has their own style of recreating the odd school ones so that’s cool to me. There’s helmet with no or small visors, those are cool but I like seeing visor colors.

When it comes to least favorite armor, default armor is always medium sized and for them to have armor variations the have to create small, medium, large sets. So I tend to laugh at the huge looking heads compared to the size of medium sized ones. I’ve warn bulky stuff before but I like how in halo reach you could have no shoulder armor or “default”.

Combo wise I usually like symmetry so I match sets.
My favorite 343 helmet ever since Halo 4 was Deadeye, hands down. Still is a helmet I rock the most today. I don't usually wear the armor complimenting to the set because it's just a recolor of Fotus. Although, Deadeye in MCC kinda looks weird.

Seeker has to honestly be one of the worst helmet designs/bizarrely designed armors I've ever seen. I have never equipped any piece of Seeker since I got it.
Halo 5 Guardians did a LOT of outsourcing in this department. Goblin Armor being hardly an armor and more of a Spartan Bikini.

Sadly, 10 armor sets from Halo 4 and Halo 2 Anniversary didn't get carried over for some reason.
  • Centurion H2A
  • E.O.D.
  • Hoplite
  • Mark V
  • Oceanic
  • ODST
  • Prefect
  • Ricochet
  • Vanguard
Plus the scrapped Halo Online Armors didn't get to make it into the Armory NOR did the scrapped Hayabusa armor that Halo 4 never implemented. On top of that, a lot of armor sets recycled assets rather than making them use the ones that were designed in concept art or otherwise. For example,
  • Athlon, Goblin, and Venture all use the same shoulders, gauntlets, and legs.
  • Argonaut recycles the EVA shoulders and Recruit gauntlets and legs.
  • Cypher, Maverick, & Vector reuse the Scout armor's shoulders, gauntlets, and legs.
In the cases of Argonaut, Maverick, and Vector; each of these armor's concept artwork pieces show that they had their own assets designed but never modeled and utilized in-game for some reason or another.

Argonaut Armor Concept Art

Vector and Maverick on the far right

Plus they didn't fully utilize the Gen-I Helmet's pack, seeing as 343 left out 2/3 of the Gen-I helmets they could have used.
  • A.K.I.S.
  • Argus
  • Centurion
  • CQC
  • EOD Mk.VI
  • EVA Mk.VI
  • Hellbringer
  • Hermes
  • JFO
  • Mariner
  • Mark V Bravo
  • Mark V Charlie
  • ODST (~15 Variants to choose from)
  • Pilot Mk.VI
  • Raider
  • Ranger
  • Recon Mk.VI
  • Rogue
  • Scout
  • Security Mk.VI
  • SPI Mk.I
  • SPI Mk.II
  • SPI Mk.III
  • SPI Mk.IV
  • Strider
  • Venator
Such missed potential dudes.