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OP Shnso

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IrishLaws5 wrote:
Title: All Hip, No Hop
The player would do a random iconic dance move for a second while grabbing the enemy and then deck them with his hip.
All I can picture in my mind is a spartan doing "The Worm", and somehow managing to get a kill. "Laughing Hysterically internally". Maybe the enemy dies of embarrassment?
Hahahahahahaha. That would be so funny.
A couple more ideas

"Class Clown"
The Spartan does bunny ears and moose ears on the enemy before casually backhanding him. The enemy crumples to the ground.

"Bloodthirsty Mime"
The Spartan mimes standardly assasinating a spartan and then he ACTUALLY DOES assassinate the enemy Spartan.
Clean Sweep (Legendary) - You stab your enemy in the back of their spine, paralyzing them. Afterwards, you run backwards, then charge at them to preform a Spartan slide that sweeps them into the air. You grab the knife as you are sliding, while they are airborne.
Brainwashed (Ultra-Rare) - You stab your knife in your enemy's hand and impale it to the ground. Then, you jump into the air and preform a elbow drop on their visor, breaking their skull.
Fury (Ultra-Rare) - You deliver an extreme knee to their ribs, making them fall down to the ground. Then, as they are trying to get back up you deliver a devastating dropkick to their neck.
Fourth Demise (Legendary Mythic) - You punch your enemy in the face, dazzling them. Then, you pull out a pulse grenade and shove it into their chest. (Similar to Halo 4's final boss)
Step It Up (Rare) - You climb up the enemy Spartan's back, and jump and hit them with a swift flip kick.
I know y'all remember that awesome moment in the halo 4s intro cinematic where the spartan is fighting the brute (...hopefully...)
well, like all small children would say.... I wan dat!
Yeah your right they would say something like that
Shnso wrote:
my idea for and assassination is called the executioner, you kick out the back of the enemies leg, put a magnum to their head, and when they turn around to fight back you shoot

what are some of your ideas?
Oh man, I have these saved somewhere, let me get them.

We have a zero-tolerance policy on screaming
Person A slashes Person B's back, causing him to turn around. Person A then thrusts their knife into Person B's chest, leaving them alive staring into Person A's face as they sadistically bring up their index finger in a "shush" gesture before kicking Person B in the chest backwards. Person B dies

Mantle of Responsibility / Didact Killer
Hey, here's a present from the Chief!
Person A punches Person B in the back of the head and primes a Splinter Grenade. Person B whips around and grabs Person A by the arm but then gets the grenade shoved up their helmet. The grenade explodes inside Person B's helmet, slowly disintegrating Person B head to toe. Person B dies.

Dual Wield
Wow, flashy
Person A stabs Person B in the back of the head with enough force to make the concealed blade in Person B's arm pop out, which is promptly grabbed by Person A, and stabs Person B in the head again, just for good measure. Person A then takes their knife back, leaving Person B with their own knife in their head. Person B dies.

I also have a bunch more that I'm still refining and thinking of flavor text for.
Buck's Regards: It repeats the same motion Buck did to kill the Brute Chieftain at the end of the mission, NMPD HQ, in Halo 3 ODST. The assassinating spartan would jump on the the enemy spartan's back, pull his head back, stab him the neck, then body-slam him at the end.
Agent9173 wrote:
I have two,one would be called "is there something on my hand?".The spartan would grab an enemies shoulder,turn him/her around,and punch right into his/hers visor causing a glass particles from the visor to fly everywhere.Second will be called "Having a blast?"where you push an enemy spartan down and shove the barrel of your shotgun in his/hers face and take em out with a bang.
I think that this might be even better with the SPNKr...

And the one you created should either be called "Send me out with a bang" or "You just got Sarge'd".
Falcon Twist: (Reference from Banshee) The assassinating spartan would elbow jab the enemy spartan in the neck or the back of the head, the enemy spartan falls to his knees, then the assassin would snap his neck like Chayton Littlestone.
Oh man, I have these saved somewhere, let me get them.
Mantle of Responsibility / Didact KillerHey, here's a present from the Chief!Person A punches Person B in the back of the head and primes a Splinter Grenade. Person B whips around and grabs Person A by the arm but then gets the grenade shoved up their helmet. The grenade explodes inside Person B's helmet, slowly disintegrating Person B head to toe. Person B dies.
A lot of people seem to like using grenades for assassinations now. I'm glad I wasn't the only one to come up with a Didact-themed assassination featuring a splinter grenade. Halo 5 seems to have forgotten that the Didact ever existed.
Add in the halo 3 armour with the sword on its back. When you have it equipped and assassinate someone you used the samurai sword and stab them.
When you start the assassination you throw a splinter grenade above the persons head and then kick them up into it. Shredding them.
Hand the enemy Spartan a grenade (this could work interestingly with any grenade from any of the games... (Think Pulse Grenade from Halo 4)) and then shoot the grenade twice with a magnum. Name: Short Fuse.

In general, I'd like to see assassinations where you use a gun. (A Magnum could just materialize out of nowhere...)

How about one where you utilize the move that Locke used on Jul 'Mdama? You could slide under a desperate swing from the enemy and then leap onto their back and stab them in the head. Name: Smooth Operator.

I'd also like to see one where you through the knife at the enemy. You would then walk up to them and pull it out and they would die. Name: Shuriken

It would be cool if there was one where your Spartan utilized teleportation to attack the enemy from all sides in rapid succession before finishing them off. Name: Circumnavigation or maybe Ambush.

MY PERSONAL FAVORITE IDEA: You sweep out the enemy's legs and leap into the air (sort of like Spinal Tap) with all thrusters blazing. The enemy falls to the ground and you hover over them for a split second. Then all of the thrusters kick in and you come smashing down from above and crush the enemy beneath you. Almost a mini ground pound. This is like Spinal Tap fused with Terminal Velocity fused with That-one-assassination-from-Reach-where-you-jumped-on-the-guy's-head. Name: Meteor Strike.

How about one where you tap the enemy's shoulder and turn you back, but when they turn around, you leap over their head while thrusting and ninja them. If you ninja'd somebody with this assassination... It would be... Ninja-caption... Name: Behind You.

There could be a special Needler themed assassination. You could stick the sharp end into your enemy and pull it out, leaving all of the needles embedded in their armor, which would cause a huge supercombine explosion. Name: Ultracombine, Megacombine, or maybe just plain old Supercombine.
I just want an Assassination where you basically b*tch slap/ t-bag someone to death called "Who's your Daddy?".
***Realistically I just want an Assassination where you're punching a guy how when you're Boxing someone and call it "Give em the Old One-Two"***
The player hits the Spartan with a left hook, the Spartan then turns around and the Player slaps the Spartan in the face with a splinter grenade. It would be called "Now You See Me"
I'd like one that just does a smashing punch straight down that cracks the ground and sends the victim straight into the ground
Puny Spartan: It would basically be like the Hulk smashing Loki back and forth into the ground in Avengers.
My idea is "Head Back, Please" You Pull their head back so they are looking more upwards. Then you pull out a magnum and empty a few rounds into the bottom of their head.
I wanna see an enemy spartan be assassinated from behind by reaching around the torso and gutting the enemy....but let the other spartan live for a bit to fumble trying to put his organs back in his body cavity....

I want a reverse assassination for when someone trys to spartan charge you....I want an option to counter that by holding the X button....
I want to grab them by the throat and stuff a granade through their visor..... (I want to see it break) and kick them back in the opposite direction

I want to see a spartan stuff a plasma granade between the others armor and have them scream and fumble around trying to get it out before it explodes..

I want to see funny ones too....

I want to see wedgies, that kill...

A tap on the shoulder and sucker punch....
While shaking your hand like it hurts

Kick to the groin (classic)

I want to see my Spartan sit on their body and pull out a newspaper like they're taking a dump

Maybe some taunting ones like after a simple assassination
Laughing hysterically while pointing
Kicking them while their down in the ribs
Spitting on them
Maybe add some voices and simple phrases for example "thanks for the ammo!"
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