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[Locked] Ban Hammer not working correctly?

OP MajorCombat70

So, I want to make this post to see if anyone else has been having this issue with the ban hammer hitting more and more often, with higher penalties, after quite some time between them. (And the unfortunate temporary "Permanent Ban.")

The issue that I've been having is I'm getting banned for leaving one or two matches either in griffball (accidental team killing or either leaving a game that's already in progress and am loosing badly.) This issue started in January this year where after leaving one match (rage quit) I got banned for 15 minutes. Now, this was my first ban of the year and the previous few months, I've only been banned maybe once a month as my internet connection wasn't very stable at the time. Now, February and March came and I personally got banned 4 time in the 2 months (give or take 1), because of reasons out of my control and I had to leave the game early, but oddly enough the ban time kept going up (A minute + for the first ban, then almost double for the next), even though It had been quite some time since the previous ban which happened in the first week of January.

On to the main point here; yesterday I was playing swat and I left the game because for the life of me I couldn't get a single hit on anyone and was being spawn killed left and right and I didn't want to help feed the farming more. (I later found out they were from a farming company for Achilles) Now, that was the first ban since mid March and the time was 15 minuites. I got banned for 15 minuites after leaving 1 game in probably 4 1/2 weeks. So, after the ban. I decide to play griffball and due to a big mistake with the grav hammer and 3 team mates over the ball. I get kicked for betraying and so was my friend who was playing with me, nothing happens for about 3 minutes until I play another game of SWAT, I completed that game and won the match, but right after, I get kicked from the lobby and received a message saying

"THE BAN HAMMER STRIKES, You are now permanently banned from playing Halo 5: Guardians."

Now that sent me in to "What the *bleep* did I do?" and we decided to play Warzone; but guess what? I was banned from that as well, even though I had only played I think 1 or 2 games earlier that day. Thankfully after restarting my game, the ban hammer was lifted but I'm confused as to why I would've been banned especially after only leaving 1 game on the first day of a new season. (You'd think they would give you some slack since I'm sure some players do quit a loosing match to just have wins in their ranking).

My question to you is, has this been happening to anyone else? The longer bans (Even after a few weeks between) and the "Perm ban".
If it feels as though you're being unfairly treated or targeted, it's because you are. 343i don't want mature adult competitive gamers that will ask questions. The stunts 343i have pulled with TMCC & Halo 5 is nothing short of an extermination of those fore-mentioned gamers in favour of squeakers that are too stupid to ask questions & will happily waste every cent of their weekly allowance on -Yoink- REQ packs...
Seems to work fine for me. I had to go afk in a couple of warzone matches and then today my power supply went out and still haven't been banned..... why you ask... BECAUSE I HAVE NEVER QUIT A GAME BEFORE.... to me the only people complaining about ban hammer are those who can't quit games any more when games aren't going their way.
Good morning, H5 MP banning issues can been noted here please.
If you haven't already, please, re-post this there.