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[Locked] Banned for nothing

OP DADafet

Today I was banned for no reason. I logged in entered a matchmaking game. I had to answer the door and talk to someone. When I sat back down the. Match was over. I went to join another match and I was banned. I have never had a problem and play fair.

Who can ban players? How is this fair?

looking forward to seeing what the answer is.

You don't get banned no reason and you have helpfully given the reason for your ban in your post - you were AFK. Generally you won't get banned if it's your first offense, but if you got banned then that means you've either AFKd or quit matches previously. Steer clear of that in future and you don't get banned

In future, please use the ban thread pinned at the top of the Halo 5 support forums for any queries on matchmaking bans.