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Well I mean Legendary unlocks has been a thing in mainstream Halo since Halo 3, and Halo 5's story is considerably bad, and not many people would want to do a legendary run if they haven't already unless they get something back from it. I know I won't touch 5's campaign again unless they add an unlock for legendary campaign, but it's not just that, it's the continuity of legendary unlocks that people want back as well,
So two games had armor unlocks for completing a game on legendary and now there always needs to be a cookie?
So don't bother playing CE or two on legendary...no cookie.
Don't bother with reach...no cookie.
I enjoy Halo, I play Halo. I don't need a cookie at the end to spur me to play the game.

something to genuinely earn, especially in a game like Halo 5 where skill is more replaced by luck.
So Halo 5 doesn't require any skill? Are you claiming it isn't required to complete the campaign or for the multiplayer? Either way I don't think you'd be able to justify that statement.
I'm referring to multiplayer of course. From my experiences with Halo 5 skill is nonexistent, at least for a Halo title, Halo 5 is what seems to be entirely luck/camping based, you can't counter a rocket on cqc maps, you can't sneak around snipers, and you don't get enough time to stategize, there are 2 ways I've seen H5 multiplayer work either:

a) be god


b) get destroyed

there is no in-between, you're either the best team or the worst team. Halo 5 seems to be more about running and gunning than actualy tactical movements. I mean something else that contriutes to this is lack of headset users, but we can't really do anything about that.
By this logic no Halo takes "skill" when someone grabs the SPNKR there quite literally is no counter aside from being to far away or to have the high ground (even that is not guaranteed) your logic doesn't really make sense, all previous Halo's (minus Reach, 4) had equal starts just as Halo 5 does, also map and power weapon control are a main focus, also by calling it luck based I assume you mean the SA's, technically strafing and crouching could be considered a random element therefore making it luck if you or your opponent were to match movements and aim accurately at one and other.
Honestly to me equal starts are trash, they only gurantee wins to players who use said weapons constantly, so let's say you spend most of your time in infection, you'll get good with the shotty/Pistol/Sword, but as soon as you go into slayer, you get absolutely destroyed. It's funny how something called equal starts gives no genuine equality.
like I said by that logic no Halo has taken skill.

Technically when two people meet on an even playing field and one out does the other regardless of time spent with said items and terrain that person is more skilled (or they know weapon placement better).
If I were to go on a track and race another person with the exact same motorcycle as me and he wins he is more skilled than me and I should practice more I cannot change the fact that I lost due to being less skilled than the other rider, same concept applies to Halo just replace the track with The Pit (or Midship) and the bike with a controller, if I lose then I need to play more and if I can't play more then that is my own problem, no amount of excuses can change the fact that person has more skill and won because of that.
Gotta love that helmet.
We will probably get it.
I personally think it looks dumb. Maybe it'll look better without the duckbill in the back.
There are new spartans helmets?
I personally think it looks dumb. Maybe it'll look better without the duckbill in the back.
I rather like the "duckbill" it kinda makes it look like a decent sic-fi helmet. My first thought when I saw the concept art of it was "Are we getting Starkiller's helmet?"
never heard about this helmet before!
Eh. I guess it's kinda cool. Gotta rock a yellow visor to mimic those gunners though
stckrboy wrote:
The Bravo helm looks really cool, I'd like to have a that helmet in Halo 5.
Arbiter376 wrote:
The Bravo helm looks really cool, I'd like to have a that helmet in Halo 5.
Same here.
It looks Bad***. I kinda wan to see this become part of customization
Tanaka should die and Spartan Barvo should slide In to take her place.
As a Genji main, I need healin... this helmet
That would be awesome, actually really like that helmet, love the "hat visor" on the back.
Interesting. We'll have to see if it's real
Should be nice if it were a reward for having ALL the achievements of Halo 5
Why Retro wrote:
I think it would be cool if they actually modeled it and put it in the game. They could have some off the wall means of earning it.
they should make it for whiskey bc we the 1st company to get 100% commendations in our spartan company
That wouldn't seem appropriate. I was thinking more along the lines of having three obscure activities that would each unlock the helmet and not telling us what they are, so we could endlessly debate.
User 1: "Well, I unlocked it after I did a speed run of mission 10."
User 2: "I never did that and I have the Barvo helmet. I got it after I got 13 assassination in a swat match."
User 3: "No you didn't. I got it by creating a waypoint post with the phrase Pan Galactic Gargle blaster in it."
Endless fun debate.
Why not make it an unlock for completing legendary campaign? That way there's a reason to do it aside from the achievement.
I'd prefer a little mystery and I've never been able to understand why people need additional incentives to do things. I can't for the life of me understand why people want rewards for every minor action.
To be fair the halo 5 legendary solo was quite a pain. It's up there with H2 solo legendary.
Can anyone tell me why I'm only seeing four ranked playlist on my screen? Sorry to get off topic
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