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[Locked] Be honest. Do you have fun when you play this?

OP Lil Boy Crispy

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Between the wasteland of a population, insane matchmaking times only to match against a full sweat squad, and inconsistent servers this game has lost all fun factor.

Can't even get into a match because it says there aren't enough players to support the playlist.

Is anyone having fun playing this anymore?
Edit = Please ignore wrong game and quote.

With regard to Halo 5, and your post. No the Halo 5 fun factor died for me a few years back. It was not the ability to find games that drove me away, I tried to like the game but the req packs really got to me, it was an rng lottery to unlock content, and I hate that in games. To be totally honest, it was not the only factor. Halo 5 failed on many levels imo, including not having regional server selection, that also drove me insane.
Im not getting too many issues with this game. Matchmaking sometimes takes a bit, but usually not longer then 2 minutes and the teams i play against are balanced most of the time. And if I get frustrated in matchmaking i usually jump into customs with friends or work on a few things in forge (if I dont quit the game, that is).
For me the game is still fun.
I still like it, becouse halo is my kind of game but there are allot of things that annoy me. Searching times, social sweaty games. Search solo and play against teams, low population, pistol start in ranked, ranking system. And some other things. Its a cool game but a shame thats the developers do not fix certain things. And that draws people away
yes i have fun, its not fun like LOL but yes fun.
I still have a lot of fun playing this game. I've always loved the ranked matches in this game because of how competitive and "sweaty" they are. When I'm not in the mood to be competitive I go and play and some Super Fiesta (which is an absolute blast) or some BTB or Infection. Also, matchmaking times aren't often that bad for me so I don't find that an issue. The main issue I have is because of the low population the balancing of each game can be very off, for example when I was Gold 6 I was placed against 1 Diamond, 2 Onyx and a Champion. That was suffering in it's purest form.
I still have fun with the game. Usually don't have long wait times for games. It can get very frustrating sometimes with who it matches you up with, for some reason Halo thinks I'm better than what I am, I'm very average at best. Other than that, it's still a fun game for me.
I still have a lot of fun playing it. It's aggravating getting paired against teams every other game, but I still have a lot of fun trying to delay my inevitable loss
I still have fun with the game. Usually don't have long wait times for games. It can get very frustrating sometimes with who it matches you up with, for some reason Halo thinks I'm better than what I am, I'm very average at best. Other than that, it's still a fun game for me.
This is me. I consider myself a below average player and I think my record shows this to be true. I really enjoy Arena I don't care for the campaign or warzone. I don't pay any attention to Req packs or experience points. I stopped playing ranked because it seemed like I was re-qualifying (or whatever it is called) all the freaking time which seems to only use Regret to do it and I hate that map.

Overall the Arena games I play are balanced. Sometimes my team wins big, sometimes it loses big and sometimes the games are tight. Overall I'm pleased with the match making.

I don't understand what is meant by sweaty. Does that mean I'm not supposed to try hard to win?
Yes, I still love the game. It's the best multiplayer/matchmaking experience Halo has ever had IMO. Everyday I try to organize things around and get stuff done early in order to squeeze an hour or two in. I'm a sweaty player but that's just what I like from the game and the way it was going for me after Halo 3. Matchmaking times are still really quick for me and it all depends on when you're queueing, how many are in your fireteam, and how far away everyone lives. Yesterday I was getting instant matches, like, seconds of queueing. My biggest issue is with server unreliability for myself but I think that's due to a smaller population and I understand not as many people would be in my area playing the game. I'm still confused why I get matched with almost all Latin America players when I'm in Canada, but its better than nothing.

As far as relaxing and just fooling around with the game, that died for me when splitscreen was removed.
we create our own fun, hope into custom browser, host 8s etc
It’s better than playing roblox
After five thousands matches it's starting to get a bit boring, but the HWC and the rare moments when I do something skillfull make me still enjoy the game.
Even though I'm still having a bit of fun now and then on Halo 5, I'm almost bored. I'm not sure I can keep playing this for two more years untill Halo Infinite comes out. An update with a new featured mode, new contents like maps and vehicles would be veeery welcome.
I have a lot of fun on custom games other wise not as much
I had to stop playing a month ago. Combination of sweaty matches, lack of good maps/playlists, low population, & overall wasn't fun. Also too many bugs in this game that drive my crazy. Once Action Sack was taken away I lost all faith. I would usually just play a few games and need to get off. Since I stopped I haven't missed it at all. H3 I could play for hours & hours. H5 didn't have the same effect for me.

I would of stopped even sooner but I helped grind for achilles. Zero fun factor left, hopefully MCC sees a resurgence of population.
I like the forge, the gameplay is “meh” though imo.
I still have Fun don’t get me wrong this game has a lot of bugs and issues and don’t get me started on the servers ! But overall most of the new mechanics (not Spartan charge) are fun the variety of what you can do and games you can play makes it enjoyable if I want to sweat I can get in hcs and try super hard or if I just want to play fun and blow -Yoink- up with cool weapons warzone is most of the time relaxing and fun and when I can get games WZ ASSAULT is obj carnage and always a laugh
even though I have a couple champs this season im not having fun at all the wait times are stupid long and the fact when I do search and even when I do find a game I get kick and it says cant join lobby when my other party members get in like what is that bs if anyone is also having this problem please lmk this game feels like chore to play this game to be honest
I have loved the Halo franchise since it was first launched years ago, but I continue to play Halo 5 to this day mainly because of how fast paced and competitive it is. The game can be very fun whenever I get into it, but most of the time it is a huge let down. I'm really hoping Halo: Infinite will be a vast improvement over Halo 5.
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