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[Locked] Be honest. Do you have fun when you play this?

OP Lil Boy Crispy

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It's the evolution of every multiplayer game. It's fun until population drops and only the hardcore players are left. To enjoy modern multiplayer gaming you have to play a game 6-9 months and move on to the next one like everyone else, or play single player games.
While i was someone that very much enjoyed halo 4's multiplayer, (I played it quite a bit at launch) I never had the same spark with Halo 5. Idk, maybe I'm just older, but I just doesn't feel like halo*Yes I know that's a very hackneyed statement at this point, but it's true). I just can't really get into it. I played a few matched and I was like "hey, that's kinda cool I guess" but I guess I just can't find that same spark I did for Halo 4
I absolutely still have fun playing Halo 5. I mean, I won't lie that having to always compete against Diamond and Onyx players with my old man potato aim isn't infuriating at times, but the core gunplay is still the best in the franchise and that is all I honestly need to keep going. It's not like the Xbox suffers from a lack of multiplayer shooters, so if I didn't have fun I would've moved on a long time ago.
Between the wasteland of a population, insane matchmaking times only to match against a full sweat squad, and inconsistent servers this game has lost all fun factor.

Can't even get into a match because it says there aren't enough players to support the playlist.

Is anyone having fun playing this anymore?
I actually do like playing Halo 5, it's just, playing alone isn't as fun.
i love playing p v p normaly, but now... not so much, all the sweaty peeps have come back to get their fancy weapon skins. try playing against 2 'champion' ranked players a few games in a row , you learn how important it is to have small goals when you are on the loosing side.
I am having fun while playing the sweatiest playlist in the game, team arena. For real. It's not all sunshine and butterflies, but it feeds my competitive desire while being enjoyable at the same time. That's just me though =)
Once they removed Core Play from social playlists, I lost almost all interest in the game. They literally removed the core gameplay of Halo 5. I have to play inferior game modes now, or suffer the try-hard, precision-weapons-only debacle that is ranked team arena.
Forge is pretty sweet
Currently, not really when I do play a game, but it's because I'm so rusty from barely playing in the last few months. I could hardly hit the broadside of a barn at the moment and so I'm losing fights that I shouldn't be losing. When I was playing regularly, it was kind of 50/50. Some games I have fun, but others it's basically just playing Halo cause it's Halo.
For the MP this halo is the best but campaing is not the same :)
Yes I do!
It could be very fun still, but unfortunately the lack of population actually makes it unplayable. At least for non muricans
I'm having some fun now but I just started playing again after about a year or more of not playing. MCC Campaign is the most fun but when I do H5 I do custom browser or Warzone alone.
I havent had fun on here in a little over a year when i was having trouble finding games in warzone assault even though i was living in california so i would be getting on at pretty high traffic times but warzone assault was one of the first playlists to fizzle out. Normal warzone is boring and pay to win when its a little less boring so i ignore that entirely. "arena" is the worst though because the movement breaks any sort of game with players running like sonic around corners to spartan charge or ground pound anyone coming up a ramp. BTB could be the exception but it sadly has no developer maps so we either have to play crappy forge remakes of maps weve been playing for 10+ years or we get crappy new ones that still give us the awful encounters like the rest of the "arena." Firefight isnt fun either because it was only added in to eat into our req collection and try to get us spending more money. Each round is like 200+ enemies or around 30 enemies with the life pool of 200+. Even with 8 highly skilled players, you cant win in heroic warzone firefight without people calling in some reqs so thats -Yoink-
I’ve been playing off and on since day 1 and it’s still a blast for me. Sometimes I take weeks or even months off at a time, then come back and grind hard for a while again. Maybe this keeps it fresh. Either way when I want a truly fast paced and competitive game this is still my go-to.
Yes I do. It can get frustrating at times sure but I still love the game. I mostly play it for fun but the new magnum skins gives me more of a reason to play.
After only recently getting into Halo 5, I can say that I find the game to be rather fun with friends if no one is taking things to seriously. I live in Australia and to be honest, the matchmaking times aren’t all that bad if I can handle a little lag here and there.
yes i have fun, its not fun like LOL but yes fun.
Same feeling about it
Not really because the pvp modes seem to always have sweaty players getting stupid amount of kills and being laser accurate
I very much still enjoy this game. When I can get online it’s my go to game.
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