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Best armor set in halo 5


hey Guys what do you think the best armor set is in halo 5 I personally like Juns Armor and the helljumper armor comment what you guys think the best one is
It's very hard to tell. Usually comes down to personal preference. I love pairing Mark VI Satrap with the Classic Helmets - Recon GEN1 in particular - and Achilles for its appearance and the satisfaction of having to earn it.
I like Shinobi, although I've been rocking Venator (another favorite) because I think it goes better with the Mark V Delta helmet I like. Helljumper helmet with Shinobi armor is pretty sharp, too.
I’ve always worn the Mako armor. It is very slim and sleek, especially in the helmet which is a hard target, and doesn’t attract much attention in that aspect. That along with the fact I don’t see too many others using it makes my spartan feel more unique. Plus the Mako Cthonic skin has sharkteeth that looks cool.
I think the Soldier Helmet and the Security Armour are the best.
I’ve always been fond of the smooth and clean yet powerful designs of the Blue Team armor chestplates.

So I’d thought I’d give the Centurion I got today a shot, and I’m really liking it.
Opinion-wise and not fact-wise; Nightfall/Helljumper
I like warmaster set the best.

Also so I like to throw on the recon helmet sometimes.
I always use the Noble armor and War Master helmet.
The Interceptor and Anubis sets are my favorites
Hermain HK wrote:
The Interceptor and Anubis sets are my favorites
Interceptor? That’s an exotic choice...
Helioskrill, I earned it
But if we're talking aesthetics, Mk VI Satrap, Helljumper, whatever Jun's Armour is called, Centurion, Recruit, Scout and Helioskrill
Raider Armor will always be my favorite.
my favorite armor and helmet is the nightfall armor is a legendary armor what did you think i got that on the halo channel as for watching halo nightfall episodes
recon gens1 and wrath
i've been wearing full achilles since 2016, but i change it up here and there
In my opinion, the best armor set in the game would have to either be achilles, FOTUS, or Wrath.
It’s all rubbish and makes no difference if you ask me.
Hellcat armour + achilles helmet.
Or Achilles armour + recon gen1 helmet.