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Best REQ Weapon?

OP FTB Taterz

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I have to go
Delta beam (just cause of the ease of use)
End game (for multi purpose, good at everything)
In that order.
Whiplash and endgame. Whiplash is a req 4 and has a really fast charge up time and two shots before reloading. For a railgun this is amazing because it's a one shot kill and is highly effective against most vehicles.
Endgame is a Spartan laser with reduced charge up time and has more shots than a regular laser while being a level 5 req. Imo endgame is better than selenes lance because the Lance has awful recoil
for me it's both blood of suban and blaze of glory. they both have an acceptable req level and I can do a lot of damage with these 2.
I think that the most powerful weapons are the BATTLE RIFLE and the DMR
Halo 2 BR honestly...just look at the sweat lords of war zone they all have it and use it
The thing with the reqs is that you get what you want depending on the situation. Like if you are taking down a hannable wasp, you might want to use the Enchidna or the Voids Tear. Another situation would be when you are clearing a base in warzone, you might want an ONI Gauss Turret to help or even the High Five.

Considering these facts, I'm just going with my best all-around weapon. I have to go with the Tartarus' Gaval.
nornfang straight up
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I must admit, The Answer is one of the most powerful weapons in the game if it's used right. It's very effective against unsuspecting Spartans, and it works unbelievably well against knights (keep that in mind for boss takedowns).

Another one of my favorites is Tartarus' Gavel. It's an unstoppable weapon if it's in the right hands and in the right place. It works best in close up situations, but it has a farther range than the other gravity hammers. Its very effective for defending bases and/or attacking and defending smaller rooms.

The Blaze of Glory is an excellent shotgun. It is meant for close up situations like every other shotgun, but it has a farther range making it a prime tool for attacking/defending smaller rooms. Definitely one of my top choices for base defense.

End Game is a powerful laser gun, effective against both vehicles and Spartans. If I had to choose a laser, End Game would be my choice.

Prophet's Bane is another favorite of mine. It's an excellent weapons if you're searching for kills. I wouldn't recommend using it for attacking/defending bases though. Based on personal experience, it's not an effective weapon in smaller rooms when grenades are popping shields or bullets are flying. You'll either get killed or the damage will make you visible to enemies. It's a weapon better meant for traveling and killing rather than camping.

Nornfang is a weapon of true power in the right hands. Taking lives at only one shot, it's definitely my weapon of choice (along with Delta Beam) for distant kills.

The Blood of Suban is a prime weapon of choice, definitely my favorite carbine. At medium to long range (it even works up close in skilled hands), it's effective against any Spartan. It takes only a few quick shots to make a kill.

I hope this list helps you out a little, these descriptions are based on my experiences in-game. If used properly, any of these weapons can be extremely effective and even unstoppable.
BR - Primary
Needler or Plasma Pistol - for close range
Spnkr - For taking out vehicles or heavy duty
Mantis - Vehicle
But for the Best weapon I would say either the Norn fang or the Prophets Bane
SPNKr Prime. No question. Although it is a bit costly.
i enjoy the answer. always a fun time when i pull one out
Nornfang oooooooooooor any of the white unsc weapons and prophits bane
Nornfang and Prophet's Bane. Both let you be complete and total -Yoinks!- and it's beautiful. I'm the kind of guy who will REQ a Prophet's Bane, and crouch in the corner of an enemy base, just watching the confused players, not even actively attacking or anything. Active Camo is a beautiful thing, if used right.
my favorite Req is the Br of Halo 2.
eLantern wrote:
The Top REQ weapons:

Prophets' Bane
The Answer
Tartarus' Gavel
SPNKr Prime
Halo 2 Beam Rifle Delta
Lets be honest and this is coming from a warzone sweat the best weapon is the whiplash easily due to one its low req cost at 4 so a if you have a 9 level freq charge you can call a power up preferably a camo, a 2 shot clip and 8 rounds to start(god forbid finding one off the ground to stack your amo)and it kills everything Spartans, bosses, those -Yoinks!- that always spam wasps and bannse every time they get, even tanks....... Close range, mid, long your -Yoinked!- at any distance with a proximity burst blast radius.......................

Yes a a norinfang or gorges changun can be powerful, but I'd say the whiplash performs as well if not better with a lower req cost.
In order, considering utility given it's REQ cost:
  1. Endgame
  2. Whiplash
  3. (Pre-nerf) L3 Grenade Launcher
  4. Ad-Vic
  5. Arclight
  6. Void's Tear (amazing for vehicle and spartan suppression, especially at a narrow choke-point)
Yes, the Answer is very good, but not good enough at long-range vehicle suppression to make my top list. Nornfang is pretty much purely a "farming" REQ, not useful in a sweaty game except maybe for ONE person to call. Having multiple teammates calling a nornfang is just asking to get trip-capped.

Although with the recent nerf to the banshee, this list may change. Endgame and arclight won't be as crucial, and snipers (including the 'fang) will be better.
the best req is that of halo 2 br.
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