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Best REQ Weapon?

OP FTB Taterz

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eLantern wrote:
I like the Sniper that Linda modified. I don't remember what exactly its called, but I think its the Nornfang. This is a great weapon for players like me who tend to try holding back and sniping the enemy instead. It gives you Active Camo (always something to love) and keeps the motion tracker so you can play more securely. And since the maps are much more open, a bit like Reach, it can be combined with Damage Boost to make sure those bullets hit hard and fast. All in all, its definitely one to stock up on and use on bigger maps.
The Nornfang (sniper) does not grant you Active Camo. The only weapon that provides Active Camo is the Prophets' Bane (sword).
Hmm...maybe I was a using an Active Camo when I used the gun. I only had two and Its been awhile since I last used it so the details are sketchy. Thanks for helping me though.
- M739 Light Machine Gun - The Answer.
- Z250 LightRifle - Dying Star.
If SF and BTSF taught me anything.....They're all the same....
The Answer
Hmm....I'm actually switching my vote over to the Halo CE Pistol. Why? Because its a beast. In Halo CE, that thing was practically a one-hit-kill. And now, 343 Industries has put it in Halo 5. And its STILL a beast! I'm actually considering making a Custom Game sometime and making it only the CE pistol...
Like in warzone, turbo would work better though, Equiping a Blaze of Glory with active camo, damage boost, and overshield. It makes you too over powered.
In turbo I used revaning sliver combined with AC and reflex enhancers. I’m the end we won cause I used this strategy to camp on the armory closest to the enemy and destroy every vehicle that came out of the base.

I would say anything combined with AC is a recipe for chaos.
the best req wepon is anwer
Plasma Caster if raiding bases, clears groups, sets traps
Whiplash for 1v1 and range
Closed Fist if you re really ornery, four full bursts kill and shoots crazy fast
mr wick47 wrote:
Feel like the Prophets' Bane is the best for close combat
Not necessarily, this blaze of glory can literally tear some to shredds at the same range as the bane
Read most of the replies on here... Gotta agree with a those who said Tha Answer is the best REQ to reach quickest kill potential. Especially on Warzone Turbo... REQ up with The Answer and Damage Boost and let the bodies hit the floor LOL
  1. Nornfang
  2. Enchida
  3. Halo 2 Beam Rife
  4. Prophets Bane
  5. Halo BR
The saw and its alternatives are pretty gud for light/medium vehicle especially since there are a decent amount in packs... but the fuccing Railgun is a good vehicle/boss killer... the spartan laser + its alts are heavy vehicles and mythic bosses
But hey I'm doing this to get rank
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