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Best Way to Play Co-Op Campaign?

OP CharizardsFury

I won't get started on a rant about wishing there was split screen in Halo 5, but since that isn't an option for co-op I'm trying to figure out the best way to play the campaign with two of my friends. We'll obviously need to all be on our own Xbox and TV, but what's the best way to connect/are there different options for connecting? How many of you have done this and what kind of luck have you had? I have never done co-op in Halo 5 so I'm looking for suggestions on the best way to do it. Thanks!
if you have a monitor with an HDMI port you can plug in another xbox into that.
I've played it over Live, in different houses many times and it seems to work well.

I did run into a little trouble playing over Live in the same house on the same internet connection a few times. Some kind of issue with networking where the party function wasn't working well. Or maybe that was MCC =P.

Anyhow, playing in separate homes over XBL in party chat with dedicated internet connections has never been an issue for me.

And have fun! I think with the ally AI being what it is in this game, you'll have way more fun playing the campaign co-op than solo.
Thanks everyone. The main concern I have is sharing a connection in one house over three different Xboxes. Am I correct in assuming there is no traditional hardwired LAN support?