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Black Friday Infection Map Weighted Too Heavily

OP Atlantis XD

Anyone else think "Black Friday" is weighted most heavily out of all infection maps? I'd like to see Drillsite more, along with the Riptide and Overgrowth variants (only seen those just once apiece).

Hopefully more community maps will be put into the map rotation sometime in the near future... I'd actually like to see a Serenity remake from Halo 4, along with Prora, Morgan Bay, Villa del Pena, Until Now, Payload, and Plaza (Halo 4 Hivemind maps).
I think its great actually my favorite is drillsite for sure but I like black Friday as well
however I feel like spawn camping/trapping is a serious issue
Weird. I've only played it once out of about fifteen games.
however I feel like spawn camping/trapping is a serious issue
Granted I haven't played on all of them yet, but every single map I've played on so far have an area that is stupid easy to camp as humans.
I get The Crypt too much. This why I kinda want the veto option back.
R.I.P.tide for me is weighted to heavily i have played it 3 times as much as any other map so far
although i do think the title is clever so ill give it that
Black Friday is a great looking map however it is too easy to be Human, the height advantage is defiantly present on this map.
Besides this map I think the rest of the Infection maps are well balanced.
I think they are all weighted about the same. I usually get stuck with 3 of the same maps, and then I'll get a random one every once in awhile. I actually dislike the drillsite 😬