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Boost Warzone/Arena Packs Availabe

OP ItsRaulCast

When r going to be available the boost packs?
I don't know but I would view it as plausible that they will return either at the end of October or in the middle of November due to 2 major Halo related anniversaries and due to the fact that 343 Industries do usually only bring out these packs during special occasions.

The first anniversary that will take place is on October 27th which is Halo 5's 6th birthday and the second is November 15th which is Halo: Combat Evolved's and Halo's 20th birthday.

Howver, please note that it's just pure speculations on my end and it's only up to 343 Industries to decide if they wish to do anything special during any of these occasions.
No one knows... 343 decides what packs are rotated in and when. If you're up to paying hard currency, you can find them on the MS store if you do a quick search... other than that... keep checking, I'm sure they'll be rotating in eventually. It's been quite a while since they've been in the in-game req store...