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[Locked] Campaign crash

OP Freeze222

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same. Saved checkpoints and resume both crash the game. It's absolutely unplayable. Fix now.
Munkeh117 wrote:
So if you restart the mission, it won't crash if you die?
Worked for me. I die a lot lol.
Somewhat similar things happened to me.
What I noticed - any game I had saved BEFORE the software update is corrupt. All kinds of problems.
I would suggest maybe starting a new game and saving it fresh. Seems to work for me after that.
If you have finished the entire campaign of course you can start from any point in the game and not have to start from the beginning.
Seems like saved games AFTER software update or ok.
Conorazy wrote:
I hate to say this, but your checkpoint data may be corrupted which means you have to restart the mission from the beginning...

I encountered the same issue in a completely different game, BF4. and had to restart the entire mission i was on.
Made no difference did that and still encountered this issue ,
Same issue here. When are they going to fix this? $60 for a game that doesn't work.
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