i kinda wished Halo 5's campaign was longer. dont yall agree? what would happen in Halo 6? if there is ahha
I can't see halo 6 not coming out and I think that Halo 6 might be very very long since I've seen a pattern with 343 where they seem to take what the community says and run with it for the most part, forge would be a good example of that.
I enjoy campaign but i wish there was mor Blue team missions its not halo to me when i play as locke
Take your time through the campaign. Explore each level. It will make it last longer and more of a memorable experience for you. That's how I always play at least.
I really like the freedom in the campaign but I do not like the Wardens.
Yes I feel that this game moved way to fast and seemed real short. It is almost a step back from 4 which 343 did so well! The abrupt ending has me concerned also, Halo does not need to be annualized unless they are going to be doing massive thought out DLC, not what Destiny is doing. They need to stick to the halo formula that makes Halo great. The story is so well done and to cut players off where they did seems like a cheat. The story and mechanics are perfect as well as graphics are truly next gen.