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OP leoD259

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Who would you rather play as in halo 5 guardians Agent Locke or the Master Chief
Either one is fine by me.
Master chief
It really doesn't matter as much as people are trying to make it. I'm interested in both perspectives.
Locke seems interesting to me right now.
Mission break down: 3/11 MC, 3/11 Locke, 3/11 Arby and 2/11 Palmer
Honestly I'm really curious what locke brings to the table.
It has to be the Chief! Locke can have a main role in Halo 5: Assault ODST Guardians or something...
Master chief all the way. It would be cool though to have Locke as the second player character...
Do not underestimate them. but most importantly, do not underestimate HIM.
Its already confirmed that we're playing as both. What difference does it make? As long as Chief is still relevant to the story, i really don't care.
I'd have to see nightfall first. But I suspect we'll get to play as both.
Which ever one serves the story better at the time.
Chief is lyfe
Locke..only for the curiosity but we don't forget the chief! xD
If I had to pick one I'd say Master Chief. Although it's a little too early to say because we know little of Locke.
I'm more interested in Locke as of now.
Master Chief of course, but it makes no harm to play as another spartan for a while.
I'd love to play as both but if I had to choose then Master Chief of course
i rather play as marine number 3 inside halo 4. (Joking here)

but i know how I wont be able to do that so I really don't care
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