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[Locked] Clear Cheater on Port authority Map in BT Fiesta??

OP Firebomb

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Ya, not sure how they're gonna explain that one. Definitely seems like something is going on for sure.
Appears to be a glitch that worked in his favor. His game history and other games on that map do not look like shenanigans are going on.
Yeah most likely a glitch as there shouldn't be any way to use modified code or hacks on xbox one in live. This reminds me of a glitch I encountered in infection long ago. An Arclight projectile was somehow glitched into a wall and kept dealing constant splash damage. But in that one there was an actual visible projectile that was constantly exploding there, this one doesn't have one but I wouldn't be suprised if this one was similar but without the visible explosion.
It's a glitch that you can do with the railgun. If you do it in Infection on that map with the big wheel, you can get sparks to come out of the wall which will kill the Infected.
is not a hacker, search Arc Light bug/glitch
PD: Xbox can save clips
I went into theater to see what happened and that player accidentally did the arc light glitch. They never tried to set a trap with it, they just got real lucky while shooting someone. I can't even find the right spot in a custom game so they had some serious luck with that.
Alucardko wrote:
is not a hacker, search Arc Light bug/glitch
PD: Xbox can save clips
Is a funny vid lol, I noticed that the OP has not come back to say sorry for calling someone a cheater before knowing ALL of the facts lmao
I understand you wanting to help out and I can understand why you think that would be a hack, but it's a known glitch. Even still, calling out is against the forum rules.