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OP ThatKindBadger8

I've been in a lot of very close matches in Warzone Firefight, mainly Legendary Warzone Firefight and I want to create a topic for the people who have had many closest Warzone Firefight victories (less than ten seconds remaining in the final round). Let me know what matches you've all had (thrilling wins, nail-biting wins, epic wins or even buzzer-beating wins).
Had a few buzzer-beater wins and a couple of buzzer-beater losses. A few of those wins came in Mythic too, so all the more exciting! A few of those losses did not register correctly as they really should have been wins. But the legitimate losses were disappointing because we were about half a second away from winning!
I have won several in the last seconds, in second 1, 0, 2... I was looking for a clip on my dvr xbox live clips but I have a problem sharing them xD.
The most "common" last seconds win for me are the urban 2 wardens (I have a video on yt killing the last in second 1 mythic) and the Harbingers in sanctum, where the last knight hide in the base and I go with my ad victoriam-overshield :P

oggghh and the stormbreak hunters in the roof xDDDD
Closest win I've had was as the clock said 0 in the last round we killed the final boss. The game gives you what feels like an extra second when it hits 0!