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OP evil Guill

I have played the all halo series with my brother since we were kids and yesterday we bought the full equipements 500$ ( xbox one, controllers and game) to play together but, as we finished the download, we saw that WE CANT PLAY SPLIT SCREEN??!
PLZ FIX THIS, its a mistake. Really sad, did we really have to spend 1k cash just to play togeter ? We dont have that money.
" Sorry if its hard to read, my english is not my first language
Do people no internet anymore or is your rock just that lovely you didn't want to come out and play?

This was announced MONTHS before launch.
Yea had that same problem bought the xbox one Halo 5 console with a extra remote i didn't know wasn't needed. I previously owed the xbox, xbox 360 and ownd the other halos.I was kinda disappointed when it finally intalled and started playing and notice the lack of features and content.Halo reach had alot more content. I couldn't believe how much they took out for 60fps.yea it does play smoothly . than after that i was like you or some people in this forum. I googled looking for answers but its to late. I was too busy with work and other things to look at it before. I know its not Bungies game and its 343 now i see that there team is focused on other things.
It was announced a while ago that there would be no split screen in Halo 5. People were pretty pissed. Sorry dude.

Luckily this doesn't really affect me as I only live with my girlfriend who certainly wouldn't call herself a Halo fan, but I'd be really pissed if I had some room mates to play with and couldn't anymore.