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Could trigger master comm be a test for H6


Me and some of my spartan company thank the the trigger master comms are a beta test for H6 what are your thoughts
we think there testing the comm so 343 can see if it will be a good idea in H6
Target Master?

It’s not much of a test. The TM commendations don’t function any differently from any others. And TM isn’t the first commendation set to grant rewards. Back when WZFF commendations were added, you’d get gold packs as commendation rewards.
It might be. It's the first comm to offer an equpiable award. The WZFF gold packs don't give everyone an equitable item if they since many have everything. If it is a test, it was an excellent idea.
It may be sign that future commendations will offer specific awards. That's a step up from randomly getting stuff I suppose.