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December Update: Monitor's Bounty [Live Live Live]

OP stckrboy

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Monitor's Bounty is now live - read the patch notes here:
Latest community update is live with a whole load of REQ info
  • List of REQs in the Monitor's Bounty update - ALL THE REQS!!
  • New REQs coming in 2017 - yes that's right, more updates on the way next year
  • Details of the Custom Games Browser - for both Xbox One and PC Forge
  • New Forge Mini-games on the way - is that a Golf Club?
  • Observer Mode from HCS finally makes its way to the console
  • New Forge canvases on the way - looks like Desert / Sangheilli and an Underwater canvas
  • More Voices of War REQ pack details
  • REQ Pack Gifting - this I am very excited about :D
So CQB is coming back along with EOD and some other fan favorites, I'm guessing that may make a few folk happy :)

As promised, the 2nd parts of the update are starting to release with the latest Canon Fodder
  • Lore details from the new armor and REQs
  • A new variant of the Grunt Goblin has been released - WITH A SCARAB BEAM :O
  • Screenshots of the new Forge canvases
  • Leeeeeeaaaaakkkkkksssss
Forge Walk through of new features

Forge deep dive
  • Over 650 new objects landing in the forge palette
  • Massive update to scripting
  • Mini games - Battle Golf!
  • Race and King of the Hill are back
  • New Forge canvases (as mentioned)
  • New Filters and FX
Arena Update:
  • Changes to Ranked and Social Playlists - we now have a Ranks and Social Arena, nice!
  • List of some awesome new Community Maps including new Griffball maps
Warzone, Warzone Assault and Warzone Firefight Update:
  • Service tags are now visible in Warzone
  • Warzone AI has been reduced from legendary to Heroic
  • Removal of Grunt Goblin
  • Heroic and Mythic playlists for Warzone Firefight added - Skull modifiers make a return to Halo :D
  • Warzone is having a "Trial Run" of 6 man teams - this is only temporary to gather feedback
Full set of cat-themed skins? Well, -Yoink-.

REQ pack gifting... hmm...





Military Police helmet looks kinda funny though. Maybe because it has both attachments at once.

FORGE PLAY, Hotrod192, you're going to want to see this. Shame you'll have to wait til 2017 though.


And December 8th release date. Cool.

We’ll be talking more in the near future about how you can acquire those last few items above (everything can be earned by playing the game!) Stay tuned…
This has me intrigued. Maybe we'll see some armors (the GEN1 helmets in particular) that are linked to achievements and commendations only instead of the REQ system.

EDIT: Beam Goblin. Not sure if scared. Hopefully the Goblin retuning makes it less frustrating.
no new maps ? :(
C-c-c Classic Gen-1 style helmets (and hopefully armor?!) *Initiate grabby hands.*
Oh man, those Reach helmets are looking exactly as I remember them.
Full set of cat-themed skins? Well, -Yoink-.
Wut wut wut wut wut- me reading :)
They actually are calling one of the grenade launchers variants pro pipe...

Well,... I'm kinda speechless. lol
FORGE PLAY, Merry Christmas :)
I'm honestly crying... I can't hold it in... IT'S HAPPENING!!!
Yes! Thank you! This is awesome! (And CQB fans everywhere have something to look forward to!)
Hannibal and ONI Wasps...*wipes tear from eye*'s so beautiful.
Wait, Wait, Wait... Is that?.. EOD?!?! HOLY -YOINK!- BALLS! IT'S HAPPENING!
I am absolutely psyched at the Forge maps (Barren/Depths) Are there two distinct maps? Is one a water map! ( :O ) The new minigames and custom games browser should also be huge. Also, moar wasps and moar weapons, stances, and assassinations! The only thing I don't like are the skins, mostly because I'd like some more serious skins.

The classic armor is just awesome though. Nothing wrong with keeping some of the old style in with the new. :D
FORGE PLAY, Merry Christmas :)
Oh my God that's right we can finally stop hearing about that lol.
The armor coming in 2017 got me so excited I can't wait!!!
sniper945 wrote:
They actually are calling one of the grenade launchers variants pro pipe...

Well,... I'm kinda speechless. lol
Ask and ye shall receive.
*sees Gen 1 helmets.*
We did it.

...Also Pilot looks shiny, I wonder if 343 makes Grim shine it everyday.
I swear my brain almost exploded when I saw the "coming later in 2017" part! And you can earn them all in game, presumably without RNG!

343 pls
But... But, no GEN1 ODST helmet? 343 why you do dis?... *sniff
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