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Do you plan on getting Halo 5 or Halo xbone

OP ValorousPete

Do you guys plan on getting halo 5? even though the xbox one is not looking to hot.
That's the one thing that's making me get an Xbox one, but yes I'm concerned about the Xbox but I'm excited for Halo 5.
Halo 5 needs to be a lot better than Halo 4 if I am to buy an xbox one. Otherwise it's PS4 for me.
I plan to, depending on how my future with the Marines and college plays out. From what I hear with some of the not so good features MS should be making things to counter them to make them not as bad. I'll give you a couple "for-instances:"

The Kinect: From what I've read, you can determine what Kinect sees and hears. I believe it would be on the "pause" setting. And you can edit it to where it can't detect you or your commands unless you tell the Xbox that you want Kinect to do said things, as if it were essentially off. But from the looks of it, the always connected Kinect will probably stay, sadly. Well, that's how I had myXbox 360 slim set up for the first month or two was. I always had it plugged in in my living room. Now it's in my bedroom, separate from my Kinect.

DRM (or whatever it's called): Pretty much, if you don't know what this is, it's the whole 24-hour-check-up thing everyone's complaining about. Well, not sure how reliable this source is, hopefully it is, but I heard that you don't really need to turn on your Xbox every 24 hours, you just need to be online when you turn it on next time whenever that is. I've also heard that to play the game you want to play after more than 24 hours of not turning on your Xbox, you need the disk to be in the console so it can do the check ups and all that jazz.

Also, under DRM, I read on reddit that MS is thinking about putting in a way to be able to play games even when you're offline, which would require you to have the disk with you at all times that you don't have internet connection to put in the Xbox to scan and allow you to play. If you have internet, you can play the game from your hard drive without the disk, pretty cool. And with this "Circle" thing, you can kinda "gift" 10 select people games from your library to install and they can then play that game with you. Not sure what the protocol on this is, but I heard they're doing this. Didn't read up all the way on it, but I know it exists.

Sorry for the long post here. Just felt like clearing up a few things here. However, some of the things, I wouldn't completely take my word for, but I believe these things could be true and could turn the tables to MS in this year's console war.

On topic, yes, like I said before, I plan to get Halo 5 and the Xbox One, whenever one or the other may occur.
I'm too much of a Halo fanboy, honestly! So yes, I do plan on purchasing Halo 5.
I probably will get an Xbox One. However, I really need some clarification on how offline capabilities will work and what that means about 10 years down the line when the servers might end up shutting down. That better not take my ability to play my console with it.
Nope. I dont even know why I just made the topic I made, It wont even matter because I wont even buy the next xbox
No, not in a couple of years at least.
Yup, But I'm going to wait until "Xbox One Halo 5 Edition".
Till then i'm going to be playing Destiny and Titan Fall on my 360.
I'm at an impasse. I want Halo 5, but I don't want the Xbox One.