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[Locked] Does Anyone Else Miss Jetpacks?

OP BriefingData09

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Always. I was damn good at using them too.
Not me. I hope the jetpack and the rest of the armor abilities never return.
Only in campaign.
Yeah. I really do XD
Agreed that the halo 4 one was sad.
It brought such a different style to those games, yet, the thing was, I couldn't possibly go without it after using it. It should be a req and pickup in arena.
I didn't think I missed it until you mentioned it. Been so busy boosting my way through maps to notice.
I liked the Reach jetpack in FFA because it was so easy to abuse, but that's also one reason why it's not good for the game.
JackGilb wrote:
Eapetus wrote:
I would like jet packs, the only problem is that people will easily get to places and ground pound constantly. I would like the bubble shield back (just a side note).
How about having the bubble shiels as an armor mod (similar to the extra grenade armor mods)?
I would love that. I would love if they just brought back equipment and armor abilities in general (except armor lock). That stuff was fun.
Not at all, I would rather start at level 0 again than have jetpacks.
I liked Halo Reachs Jetpacks they were excellent in Day-Z with unlimited abilities.
Hell no. Jetpacks don't belong in halo.
No. Jet packs gives players to exploit map positioning while the guys who don't have it can't access the positioning.
Nope. I never liked the jetpack. I preferred mostly Sprint. Though I wish they kinda brought back the abilities.
I wish I could purge Reach MP, AA's and almost all of Halo 4 from my mind..... so no, I don't miss Jetpacks.
I loved the jetpacks! its the one thing i miss from halo. (and splitscreen)
I absolutely loved the Halo Reach use of Jetpacks in some of the missions and the maps. Halo 4''s use was decent but needed a little improvement (air time was far too short). I miss the tall expansive maps which allowed for jetpack use. I think Halo 5 has a few capable maps for the height variable. Would anyone else like to see their return to gameplay?
Yes and no.
they were nice,but they would cause chaos in h5
They would help HLG soooo, sure!
I used the bumper jumper button layout, which made jet packs feel akward.
So nope I don't.
Jetpacks simply made you an easy target for someone with a sniper or such.
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