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Drop chances from certifications

OP MonkOfWar4

If you were to get a Power Weapon or Vehicle certification for say, an Ultra Rare Mantis, does anyone know what difference it makes to the drop rates? Or will it simply not matter because the RNG has too many possibilities to choose from? Is the probability set in stone or fluid as the rarity increases?
Certifications are just another way to bloat the REQ system. The drop rates only change slightly until you have unlocked all certifications. But, consider that certifications for better items are rare in themselves. So, take a Plasma Pistol and Phaeton for example. While a player might unlock a certification for the PP early on, he/she will end up getting more PPs than before but still not many Phaetons. That in turn creates the need for more packs to unlock the Phaeton certification to get the drop rates more balanced. So in the end, certifications don’t mean anything since the end result after acquiring all of them is the same set of drop rates as not having any.

That said, I don’t have the actual numbers, but I doubt 343i would “rebalance” the drop rates for players who have a few or no certifications vs. those who have all of them. So, to answer your question, I believe the numbers are fluid (albeit, with only slight variation) until you unlock all certifications.
You'll get a few of them when you get the certification, but my experience no change in drop rate after.
Ever since clearing all perm unlocks in Silver and opening Gold, I'm still grating my teeth for the ones I really desire. On some nights, I'll get certs for weapons that have never dropped even once before - like the Scale of Soirapt Brute Plasma Rifle, Berserker's Claw and the Halo 2 Beam Rifle Alpha. Then on other nights, I'll only get Assassination animations, helmets and armour. I'm relieved that so far, badges are just a third possible permanent unlock rather than one of the two guaranteed unlocks. At this time I have yet to get an ONI Wasp, Tundra Scorpion or any of the Ultra Rare Magnums + Halo 2 BR.