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Easiest Playlist to Solo-Que a Champ Rank?

OP Vortemere

Title is self-explanatory.

Which playlist do you all think is the easiest to get a Champion rank in by yourself?
Free For All.

Every other list should have 1%ers (top players) in a team that you shouldn't be able to beat without communication and teamwork.
Absolutely none of them.
Closest I can see is maybe FFA you hit max onyx 1700 (first 10 placement matches) and then find each maps killzone and play unconventionally and being a janitor
The other game modes unless you are a monster of a player if your teammates are garbage your chances go down the drain since its based off winning not individual skill
I have heard FFA.
FFA cuz you're not getting champion by yourself on team oriented playlists. Plus FFA isn't exactly hard, it's all about you grinding it pretty much and if you're wanting champion then be ready to dedicate hours into just FFA till new seasons start.