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Elimination playlist basically removed breakout

OP Jordanpischke

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ZagReAt0Ne wrote:
I have played 30+ games this season and have played at most 10 games of extermination
you're lucky then. This new gametype ruined Halo 5 for me. I'm an Onyx in Elimination but I just cant stand spawn dying.
You know what it's like to have to fight 3 people when everyone has a pistol? It's impossible. and then to have weaker players on your team spawn next to you and attract gunfire.
I'm going to stop playing Halo now. BREAKOUT 2.0 was the best and you can't even play it in custom games!
People straight up hated Breakout 2.0, the ideal wish people wanted was to remove 2.0 and bring back 1.0

Like for almost all of 2018 it was in the bottom 5 playlists in the game. There were moments where Mythic Firefight had more numbers and that playlist only appears for 3 days a week.
I think it's a pretty tough call to say breakout 1.0 was way more popular then 2.0. I know people who liked one and not the other and visa versa. Remeber, 343I changed the original breakout because it wasn't doing well and they were trying to draw more fans. If that succeeded or not is definitely up for debate.

Overall, breakout in general isn't that popular with the majority of halo fans. I think this elimination playlist is a happy medium and think at some point all 3 game types will end up being 33.3% chance of getting any of them. Just give it some time.

I've pretty much only played halo 5 for breakout and now with this new elimination playlist I've yet to even get to play breakout.... every single game I've played so far has been extermination. Its a alright game mode, but it's not what I want to play.
Funny, I have a friend who had the opposite experience as you lol
Not enough BREAKOUT 2.0. So tired of running around looking for the last guy hiding, only to have 3 players spawn right on top of him. Or being the last guy alive trying to burn time untill respawns.- then your team respawns on other side and you just let 3 people pulverize you. Waste of good KD

-then spawning into a deficit again. ENDLESS LOOP

I see the interest in Elimination. I just do not enjoy forced play. It's not a relaxing game !!! There is no, NEXT ROUND I'm going to do better aspect.

There's luck involved with Extermination. It has to do with the spawns. Why do people spawn sometimes in front of each other and other times far away?

In 1.0 theres no time for strategy. No time for calling backup. You call them out.., and RAIN the GRENADES!
ZagReAt0Ne wrote:
We get it. You like 2.0 over 1.0. You don't need to bump threads you've already posted in.
It's just like how Slayer comes up way more often in Team Arena than the other modes. That needs to get fixed, too.
I get more breakout one and elimination then I do breakout out 2.0 I can’t complain about breakout one but I do think they need to fix the chances of getting each game mode I think that elimination comes up more then anything and it’s the one thing I don’t really want to play because I like playing 2.0
Dude yes! Breakout 2.0 please!!!???! That's all I want and loved to play
Another idea is to bring back a feature that honestly should be in the game anyway.... voting! Why if you force 3 game modes into 1 playlist, especially a ranked playlist, can we not vote on the game mode? I'm pretty sure the earlier halos had voting for maps at least, why are we going backwards and removing features?
Been saying this in other threads. The weighting is awful. I don't like extermination but I would tolerate it if the weighting was 33% for each. It belongs in Arena, and Elimination should return to OG Breakout and Breakout 2.0, preferably just OG Breakout...
I 100% agree with you on weighing because my groups strong point is breakout and getting elimination 90% of the time mixes us up. I also would love for just OG breakout to come back because me personally, I hate the corner campers of breakout 2.0
Tell me about it, I'm literally playing it just for immortals and it's really annoying because it's practically impossible to go without dying in extermination games that stretch for 7-10 minutes, unless you get that 1 in a million game where 2 members on the enemy team get disconnected from the start.
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