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Fast req points


How can i get more req points now that WZ Turbo has gone, and i dont have any ps boost?? I know some are going to say "JUsT PlaY ThE GaME", but i have been playing it a lot this days and i barelly save for just one gold pack. I just want the Nightfall armor now that Halo Channel glitched for me and cant obtain it that way, just by gold packs. Its obvious that i wont waste real money for that.
Any tips?? A special gametype, or something??
I‘d say warzone legendary is your best friend. Will give ~3000 for finishing it.
Okay, mate. Here's a question - did you unlock all common to rare items (excluding Mongooses)? If not, just open only Silver packs until you get 3,000 RP in return. When that happens, then you can start opening Gold packs so it'll be a guarantee you get ultra rare to legendary REQs - which'll give you the Nightfall set.

It's going to take you a lot of time, but I assure you it's the quickest and cheapest way possible to unlock a specific item within the ultra rare to legendary rarity.
I grinded heroic warzone firefight for my points/XP... Can be quick games and is the least stressful and most fun to play IMO. But as pointed out above it's best to open silvers first till they refund points and then open golds. Get all the silver level stuff out of the gold packs. Then you can get better stuff in golds. Way faster and cheaper than just opening strictly golds and hoping.
You need to finished the silvers packs firts for a better chance to get cooll stuffs from gold packs
And the best way is LegendaryFF and to win