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Fav starting weapon

OP Godzzm

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If you guys or girls had a choice which weapon do you think we should start with? I prefer the br but only if the change it back to how it used to be
The Assault rifle.
I like the COG Assault Rifle the scope is useful.
Depends on the game type really. Most the time I thing the AR/pistol starts are fine. But I am one of those who thinks there is more to skill than ability with precision weapons. I would say go to BAR starts BUT the H5 BR just doesn't feel good to use and sounds terrible. I love using the H2BR better look, feel and sound, but then some say "aim assist is to high". Which is fine by me as it gives me a better gaming experience.
ok those would work but I was thinking of a original weapon than one that’s modified
True but the reason why the h5 br sounds so terrible is bcuz they nurfed the aim assist and the fire rate on it
Godzzm wrote:
True but the reason why the h5 br sounds so terrible is bcuz they nurfed the aim assist and the fire rate on it
The BR back in the beta sounded so mean! Now it sounds like a child miming gun shots
Ik right
I prefer starting with whatever weapon I want to and hopefully I can in the next Halo game for Warzone. But if I had to pick it would have to be SMG or Plasma Rifle from Halo CE that made the plasma slow down your movement speed. Don't really care for Halo 5 OP Magnum and old-style BR that was also OP. Players should always start off weak and find better weapons to use on map, and if they start off strong weapons on map must be better then what they start off with.
I really think they went down the right path with the whole weapon pad thing and emphasizing that people should be controlling the power weapons. I think the spawns should be limited to the AR, with 2 total magazines on a spawn. I think you'll see a bigger push to pick up things on the map like SMGs and Boltshots that are normally not used.
If it was just for me, I would say the plasma pistol since it's the first weapon I grab on most of the BTB maps anyway.
if we had a choice I would choose my sentinel BR and tac mag
I like the AR and magnum
I like the Assault Rifle because of the new skill gap with the weapon tuning. It actually takes more skill to use than precision weapons now IMHO.
I prefer DMR, I don't really see it much in normal slayer and just think it's a more fun version than the PISTOL
Halo 2 BR.
BR and AR works for me. Just let me start with the BR, the ARs a secondary compairatively
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magnum and/or shotty
The magnum and h2br would be my choice. Halo 5s BR is the most annoying weapon for me to use, so i agree with you...its only a solid choice if it's reverted. As it stands now man...I just really dislike playing BTB because the BR feels like garbage to me man, I can't stand it. Even when i have a good match I find myself not having that much fun in it due to that weapon.
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