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favorite Armor Combos?

OP Dr Gravemind

Hey guys! just wanted to know what everyones favorite armor combos are! i personally love the recon armor on emile's chest piece. I Have always loved the way the shotgun shells looked on the armor, and is slim enough to complement the Smooshed looking recon helm. I would love to hear everyone's responses!
I either go with full Raider armor or I go with the Nightfall Chest with the Pilot Helmet.
Before going with Achilles, I was a big fan of the Argus Arestor helmet + Copperhead armor. The Reach armor sets look pretty sweet in H5, save maybe for Jorge's armor. I love the Indomitable helmet obviously, but the armor doesn't suit Spartan IV's since his armor was meant for someone much larger.
If you have the classic helmets, the combo I used a while ago was the EOD helmet and the Security armor.
My favorite armor that i have currently unlocked is the war master scipio full set with pendragon visor