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Favorite armour >.<

OP RoxasSenpai3685

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I really like Achilles.... but currently I am wearing Fotus + Shinobi Heartless.
Helmet: Mark V Delta
Armor: Mark VI (formerly Mark IV GEN1)
Primary: Pepper
Secondary: Brick
Visor: Either Midnight or Saturnine

I've been using the Mark V helmet since Halo 3 and I'll use it in any Halo game that has it. The thing's my baby. I've also been pairing it with a black visor since Reach but I've recently started toying with gold again and now I can't make a decision. Only thing that's stopping me from 3D printing at this point.
The centurion armour,used by Fred 104 in the campaign, is in my opinion is just badass
I love, LOVE the Mark V variants. Looks like very classic and iconic legacy armor.
Full Achilles on days I feel like drawing a LOT of incoming enemy fire (you know what I'm talkin' about), mostly Wrath (sometimes Wrath Anhur) armor with Achilles helmet.
At the moment I'm rocking the Pilot helmet and the Vigilant armor, but I think my all-time favorite armor set is Helljumper.
My preferite armor is the default armor of any Halo game :)
I have two sets that I tend to use from time-to-time.

1.) Body: Helljumper
Helmet: Helljumper
Visor: Wild Hunt
PR.Color: Pepper
SC.Color: Aqua

2.) Body: Centurion Ironside
Helmet: MK V Delta
Visor: Legendary or Dynasty (Doesn't matter to me, they both look good)
PR.Color: Moss
SC:Color: Slate
Just unlocked the legendary Wrath armor and hoo boy, I'm in love
Trespa5s wrote:
Trespa5s wrote:
100% The Mark V armour. So classic.
Same bro. All day everyday. Get that nostalgic feel, been playing since Halo CE: and I like repping that armor. Like I have a silly nonsensical connection to it.
totally the Eva with dynast cincindel armor and sunspot visor
My favorites from Halo 5. A few of them that I do LOVE, especially to see return to Infinite, while the rest just didn't work...

  • FOTUS - Two words: PONY POWER! (or maybe I just like the unicorn horn on the recycled Promethean Knight helmet...)
  • MK IV - A classic oldie from Halo Wars done well in Halo 5. The closest thing to getting Spirit of Fires Red Team in Halo 5.
  • HELIOSKRILL - If they came to hear me beg, they will be disappointed (that is if it doesn't come back in Infinite with a little touching up to the helmet to make it a little more H2A Arbiter like than originally given...)
  • VENATOR - Kinda reminds me of the Arbiters armor, but more human like and Zelda-like like too... I dunno LOL.
  • NOBLE - As Carter said on Reach before was glassed; Spartans never die... They are only missing in action...
  • *PREFECT - Sometimes its the simplest things that can make an armor style a memory (Wasn't in Halo 5, but would LOVE to see it return later on...)
All the rest, just nah... in my opinion...
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