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Favorite LV 4 REQ Weapon?

OP Sentinel of Sol

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H2 BR, Whiplash, or Pro Pipe
A lot of great weapons, but one that hasn't been listed yet...
Blaze of Glory to go along with my H2 BR.
Whiplash too, but I'm running low so I haven't used it as often.
Blood of Suban is another versatile favorite.
Pro-Pipe for Warzone Assault.
H2BR. Brings back so many memories using that gun.
Scourge of fire, whiplash, or void's tear
HaXoR73 wrote:
Whiplash. Need I say more?
Temple Ghost

Scourge of Fire

Pro Pipe

Rocket Hogs!
Mine is probably Void's Tear. Fun to watch the dropped weapons get thrown around
you could probably gues that I like the whiplash
Blaze of Glory due to its range and low req point cost compared to some weapons like the oathsworn
Whiplash for sure 100% best Level 4 Req weapon
Against good teams, the whiplash. Against bad people, the blaze is amazingly fun.
Wasp and blood of suban
1) Void's Tear
I looove the unique gravity vortex it comes with. So much fun to use.

2) Scale Of Soirapt
I've recently discovered my love for this weapon. Its TTK is quite quick and its melee is basically an unzoomed Energy Sword. It's a gun and a sword wrapped in one. It's awesome.

3) Blood Of Suban
It's a BA version of the Needle Rifle.

4) Vorpal Talon
Its lunge range is the same as the Prophet's Bane's. Meaning it's ridiculously far, which makes it so satisfying to slaughter past enemies.
Suppressed Battle Rifle, Silent but deadly
A Vorpal Talon it's too good to describe.
Never knew the Energy Sword Variants were Lvl 4 Reqs??
I really like the BLAZE OF GLORY at lvl 4, its range is just insane. It would work better if it had a sniper scope on ahahahahahahah
Whiplash or Blaze of Glory
(Ghost Ultra for vehicle)
Ultra Ghost FOR DAYSSS
Blaze of Glory, sillies!
I don't play much any more but blood of suban is cool
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