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Favorite REQ power weapon from each rarity.

OP MutantBubbaboy

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Common: Random Weapon. (I like to see what I get)
Uncommon: Sniper rifle.
Rare: The Answer.
Ultra Rare: ONI chain gun turret (Because. boom. boom.)
Legendary: Nornfang.
  • Common: Railgun (Your Ghost is getting annoying. Have an explosive.)
  • Uncommon: Whiplash (Your Wasp is getting annoying. Have some more explosives.)
  • Rare: Arclight (Your Banshee is getting annoying. Have an explosive.); Spartan Laser (Your tanks are getting irritating. Eat a laser.)
  • Ultra Rare: SPNKr EX (Your Phaeton is getting annoying. Have an explosive.); Endgame (Your Banshees are getting very annoying. All of them can eat lasers.)
  • Legendary: Selene's Lance (Your vehicles are getting very annoying. Eat a laser.)
I'm sensing a theme here.
It all returns to nothing, it all comes tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down!

No aircraft is safe as long as I have the proper REQ level. Hell, most other vehicles are going to go boom as well if I have an Arclight.
Common - Railgun
Uncommon - Whiplash
Rare - Answer
Ultra Rare - Ultra Banshee
Legendary - Phaeton Helios


Rare-Ravening Silver

Ultra Rare-Retina of the Mind's Eye

Legendary- Beam Rifle Delta

Mythic- Prophets Bane
Common: Carbine (Great for those early long range engagements)
Uncommon: Whiplash (Nothing needs to be said for this one)
Rare: Blood of Suban (My favorite req OP at level 4)
Ultra-Rare: Echidna (I find joy in the EMP effect and then watching them get hijacked)
Legendary: Selene's Lance (Goodbye annoying vehicles)
Mythic: SPKR Prime (Rocket sniping...that is all)
Mine would be:
Common: Carbine or Classic Sight BR
Uncommon:Whiplash or SMG extnd mag
Rare: Ad Victoriam, The Answer and Void's Tear.
Ultra Rare:Whispered Truth, Spnkr Ex and White Scar
Legendary:Heartseeker and Halo 2 Delta Beam Rifle.
Mythic:Prophet's Bane, Tarturus Gavel,Jorge Chain Gunand Halo 2 Battle Rifle
Inconceivable:Scattershot/voids tear and Jorge chain gun/nornfang ;)
Common: Shotgun
Uncommon: Sword Wraith
Rare: Pro Pipe
Ultra Rare: Banshee Ultra
Legendary: Hannibal Mantis
Mythic: Halo CE Magnum
Legendary: Hannibal Wasp
UR: Ultra Banshee
Rare: Ghost Ultra
Uncommon: Arctic Hog [or is that a rare? Race Hog if it is]
Common: ONI Scout Hog

Mythic: Tartarus' Gavel
Legendary: Selene's Lance
Ultra Rare:Uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... I pass.
Rare: Void's Tear
Uncommon: Rail Gun
Common: Uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... I think I'll say.... Shotty to the Body

Primary: H2BR
Secondary: Silenced Magnum
PowerUp: Active Camo
  • Common: None
  • Uncommon: None
  • Rare: Wasp
  • Ultra Rare: Ultra Banshee
  • Legendary: Hannibal Wasp
  • Mythic: Halo 2 Battle Rifle
Common: Covenant Carbine
Uncommon: Whiplash
Rare: Answer
Ultra Rare: Whispered Truth
Legendary: H2 Beam Rifle Delta
Flamency wrote:
Ultra Banshee
I never would have guessed.
Flamency wrote:
Ultra Banshee
of course this would be your answer.
Common: Suppressor

Uncommon: Whiplash

Rare: Scourge of Fire

Ultra Rare: High Five

Legendary: Dying Star

Mythic: Prophet's Bane
Vaudeur wrote:
Flamency wrote:
Ultra Banshee
of course this would be your answer.
No. I have 200 answers. I can't use it at the same time as a Banshee
Flamency wrote:
Vaudeur wrote:
Flamency wrote:
Ultra Banshee
of course this would be your answer.
No. I have 200 answers. I can't use it at the same time as a Banshee
lol. why the cringe jokes
Common: Plasma Pistol
Uncommon: Sniper Rifle
Rare: Blaze of Glory
Ultra Rare: Dying Star
Ultra Rare Mythic: Whispered Truth
Legendary: Halo 2 Beam Rifle Delta
Legendary Mythic: SPNKR Prime
Common: Shotgun
Uncommon: grenade launcher or whiplash
Rare: answer or blaze of glory
Ultra rare: endgame or echidna. Both seriously underrated.
Legendary: SPNKR prime, because the rockets actually move like rockets.
Common: Railgun
Uncommon: Plasma Caster
Rare: Blood of Suban
Ultra Rare: Retina of the Mind's Eye
Legendary: Dying Star

Common: Corp Warthog
Uncommon: Wraith
Rare: Banshee
Ultra Rare: Mantis
Legendary: Phaeton
Common- SAW (Spray and Pray)
Uncommon- Grenade Launcher (Thump! Boom! Double Kill!)
Rare- The Answer (Class Dismissed)
Ultra Rare- Grinder (Nope, you ain't gonna survive this)
Legendary- Jorge's Chaingun (Pay your respect!)
Common: Boltshot
Uncommon: Hailstorm
Rare: Blaze of Glory
Ultra rare: Endgame
Legendary: Krith's left hand
Mythic: Tartarus' Gavel
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