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Favorite Unusual Armor Combinations


Gotta go with Helioskrill helmet and fotus chillrose armor...

But you guys tell me what is your favorite!
Enforcer Helmet + Soldier armor

A perfect combination of Mercenary & Assassin (If you go full black armor)
Fenrir helmet + Defender armor

A little strange, but they seem to work well together...
nightfall and the helljumper feet first helm go pretty well together, however just regular helljumper and the helljumper feet first helmet I like the most combined. The second one isn’t unusual, but I like the combo a lot.
Pilot Helmet and Achilles armor look really nice together not sure if you would call it "unusual" though.
Exenius wrote:
Pilot Helmet and Achilles armor look really nice together not sure if you would call it "unusual" though.
My current one is recon gen1 helmet, with helioskrill armor...
Deadeye Helmet + FOTUS armor works well. Probably because Deadeye armor is a reskin of FOTUS armor, but that's beside the point
Wetwork Cleaner + Seeker armor looks okay, but the Seeker armor would need to be a little more angular for it to work. Venerator armor looks better with Wetwork.
Helljumper FeetFirst + Seeker Intrepid, then make the armor a Cerise or Raspberry for the primary and something like Grimace or Cerulean for secondary, finally stick Torchbearer onto the visor. For bonus points, use the At the Ready stance and rotate it to show off the Assault Rifle as clearly as possible then stick Last Slice, Pop Culture, or EHH, ARR onto it. Finally, jump into FFA or Firefight and watch as people flee in horror from your hideous appearance.

I donned this look for April Fools and got some laughs (Or more frequently, shrieks of terror) from my friends and company XD

On a more serious note, here's some combos I jotted down that I enjoyed using:
Locus edge and scout.
Rocking the Locus Edge with Recruit Charred. It's a legendary helmet w/common armor but the armor has little skulls and flames on them. Right color combo and you got yourself a wham bam than you ma'am grand slam setup.
Mine would be Recon Gen1 helmet with either achilles armor or vigilant armor with the abyss visor. Not sure if it's unusual though.
FOTUS + Indomitable Erod

The head of a Unicorn with the body of a tank. Sounds good to me.
A really cool one is Achilles helmet and Mark IV Gen 1, makes you feel like a Greek warrior with the futuristic crest on the helmet and emblem on his right shoulder.
Commando Matrix and EOD. Basically the Commando Matrix has a black, urban camo looking pattern that matches up with the black accents on top of and around the visor of the EOD helmet, and keeps the secondary colour to small accents like to stripes on the EOD's chin bits. They both have small, rectangular lights, and are both boxy and angular. Basically the two compliment each other really well and I'm surprised people don't use this combo a lot.
Seeker helmet and scanner armor..... jk

Helmet: Wetwork
Armor: Mark IV Gen I