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Favourite armour?

OP Sad Juju

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Yeah, I know, another thread about this. But we aren't supposed to necro.
So now that everybody has had time to get their armour and figure out their favourite look, what are your favourite armour sets?
My favourite is Security, which for some reason I disliked in Halo 3. I liked it a lot in Reach and Halo 5's Security is my favourite armour set in the game I think.
So far, of the ones I've unlocked, my favorite rare (set) is Raijin Stormstrike. However, I've grown to love the Hellcat (body) armor's slender profile, & WISH I had the Achilles helmet. Yeah just the helmet.

CQB! or nothing.(halo 3 /reach)
I don't feel myself without it.

"Give me back my face!" -rorschach
Mark IV Helm., with Noble Torso (probably).
Deadeye helm with helioskrill armour is pretty sick but I've been diggin the mark VI scarred pieces lately.
Recon Helmet and Reaper body or Mark 6 body.
Normally, I use the full Noble set. It makes me nostalgic about Halo Reach.
Warrior and currently wearing wetwork cleaner. I like the goblin erkling armor but only the body besides that still unlocking more variants when I unlock more I will have more favs.
Centurion would be my preference, unless MCs armor from Halo 4 and 5 is added.
My current one, Recluse Seri with Decimator helmet.
Teishin Shuurai :)
Me it's the Anubis armor
An ACTUAL classic ODST Armor, not the weird thing we have now
(The actual helmet is ok but the armor... meh)
I think the ODST helmet looks really nice
Air Assault and Warrior. I'm not really liking the new armour they've added since Halo 4. Except the legendary/mythics. I really like Helljumper but I'm still quite a ways off from getting it, same with Shinobi.
Shinobi (body) with Locus or Void Dancer (helmet)
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