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Favourite (non op) weapon pad glitch combo

OP LydiaTheLizard

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Mine has to be projection smg with light rifle (trust me, it’s hilarious)

Edit: by weapon ‘combo’ I mean weapon pad combo glitch (sorry for not being clear, you can re-comment if you want to)
DMR and Assault Rifle/SMG, so you can scream and panic spray when something gets a little too close.
I have a few:
Sniper Rifle and Magnum
Sniper Rifle and Battle Rifle (either one)
Energy Sword and Magnum
Energy Sword and Sniper Rifle
Plasma Pistol and Assault Rifle
Gunfighter Magnum and Sentinel beam.
Beam Rifle and Needler
Sentinel DMR and SAW. Really covers a lot of scenarios.
plasma pistol and magnum
!combo pivello!
Probably for me either a DMR/BR mixed with a close range weapon ex. Assault rifle or SMG.(Excluding power weapons here)
Sniper and Spartan Laser. Only good from a distance, but you can do so much damage to the enemy team.
H2br + Answer.
The goofy griffball combo (Infection sword and Golf club)
Needler + DMR
Spitfire + Halo 2 BR
Plasma Rifle + Pistol
My favorite combos are:

DMR and Halo 2 BR
DMR and BR
DMR and Magnum

I use the last DMRs sometimes with bayonet, sound dampener or laser sight.

For the normal BRs, I use laser sight or stabilizers.

For the SMG, I use bayonet or sound dampener.

Magnum, well it depends how I'm playing, for me the most common way to play is stealth/sneak, so I use the Tactical Magnum.
Plasma Pistol and Boltshot.
Halo 2 BR
H2BR and DMR. I keep it simple
silenced DMR with a Sniper rifle.
Stay off the radar when you fire the sniper rifle, while still being a one shot headshot.
I like the battle rifle and magum that's my favorite load out
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