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  • Base Wasp +1, echoic the reasons others have made here
  • Banshee Ultra +1
I would say change the value of the mythics. Ultra rare Mythics should be 200 RP, and Legendary Mythics should be 250. I think it would make more sense if Mythics had a little more value than regular Ultra Rares or regular Legendaries. At least by 50 RP.
Regular wasp increased to 4, Oni Wasp Increased to 5, and Hannibal Wasp Increased to 7. Not joking around, that vehicle is way to powerful to be that cheap.
I don't play a lot of regular WZ so I don't really have an informed decision on that, but I would like to see the Mythic WZFF energy level increase faster in general. Maybe it's just me, but it sure seems to take me quite a while to unlock certain levels doing the same amount of killing that I do in the others. Thanks.
All Mythics in req level 1 Kappa
Oh and increase all the 3 wasps req energy level by 1 or 2
All loadout weapon sights should be available at level 1. I'm not going to give up my SMG's silencer or bayonet for a level 6 scope that tells me how much health my target has or just a light rifle sight! Please, I beseech thee...
Honestly, load out guns should be lower. When I get lv 6 reqs... I get a Banshee, a scorpion, an answer, and best of all, a DMR!
I recommend a change of REQ energy cost for the Gunfighter and Tactical pistols. As they are now with the Gunfighter Magnum at REQ level 3 and the Tactical Magnum at REQ level 4 both guns don't have much purpose in the sandbox.

To be blunt and to the point what exactly is the purpose of the Gunfighter pistol if at the very same REQ level you unlock the BR? Why would you use a weaker headshot capable weapon with less range? The only benefit is its slightly faster time to switch when you run out of ammo but thats not really that good of an advantage when you can also have a second BR as your secondary. The same goes for the Tactical pistol, whats the point if you unlock silence BRs at also the same REQ level? This is exactly what the issue was with the Carbine several months back before its REQ requirement was lowered.

Lowering both guns 1 REQ level lower(Making the Gunfighter REQ 2 and the Tactical REQ 3) would solve all of these issues. At REQ level 2 you're still using ARs and Pistols and also at the same level the extended mag variant of the default pistol is unlocked, this gives the player the choice of an upgraded version of the pistol they are already using or a faster firing but lower damage per bullet pistol. It would now act as an alternative before BRs are unlocked. Same goes for the Tactical if it was REQ 3, at this point BRs are unlocked but silencers are not this gives the Tactical magnum the niche of allowing the player an early stealth approach to maybe capture a base.
This would solve both issues and give these guns much more of a use as really they don't have much of any as they are.
HANNIBAL SCORPION down to 7! There is no way it is more OP than the ONI scorpion, and when you play more WZ assault than actual WZ (Because assault is 10x more fun) you hardly get to ever use level 8/9 reqs. THANKS & LOVE
DMR base
Also if the Req levels for the wasp get changed (already seeing tons of this) I'll be super bummed. Those vehicles are SO rare in packs and I LOVE using them early in the games.
None of your basic load out weapons (assault rifles/BR's should be over 6) I know the bayonets and doodads are good, but I will always take a DMR with a bayonet over and assault rifle.
Basic Hydra from 5 to 4 because the Typhon Hydra is already 5 reqs so people would just normally go for that so by lowering the req cost of the basic Hydra, more people might use it
I think instead of wasps being raised, rocket launchers should be lowered. These are one series of reqs I don't see much use of. Their cost is high in req energy and it's a weapon that can be consumed very easily.

Also i believe the enchinda should be lowered as well. It is not as effective on air vehicles for its cost.
Put the base unarmored warthog down to level 1. For two big reasons

1. Warthog battles have always be a staple of big team combat, in warzone even more. Having that available right in the start of a warzone assault game would make it even better.

2. How else will we ever use the base warthog? The base warthog being at REQ2 means All the armored versions of the normal warthog come available as well. So at that point having the base warthog as a REQ is pointless, all it's doing is taking up space for no reason.
The general consensus is the wasps and its variants should be increased. I can agree to that, but with the banshee and Spartan laser being lowered, then the wasp could be grounded and flat out ignored now. The Banshee should've stayed at lvl 6.

I would like to see the morph scopes be lowered as it hardly presents a tactical advantage to the sentinel scope.
If we are all set on bumping up the wasps... TOTALLY DISAGREE!! BUT we would need to greatly increased their health. You can knock the hannibal wasp out of the air with two shots from the whiplash, and same goes for ONI. Setting them at 5 and 6 would be ridiculous given the current levels of health. And moving the regular wasp to 4 is unnecessary IMO because of how rare they are to get. I have everything unlocked and get a wasp maybe one in every 5 or 6 gold packs. Way too rare to move their req level up IMO.
IMO base guns like the suppressor and boltshot shouldn't cost any points at all. However, I know that this will probably not happen, so I suggest making all base guns level 1 reqs. This includes the plasma rifle, as it is currently weaker than the storm rifle, but at a higher level.

Another suggestion I have is to reduce the sentinel beam from level 4 to 3. It is not as good as a rail gun or any of the other level 4 reqs, so move it to level 3 (or even 2 if you really want to).

I wouldn't listen to the people saying to move wasps from level 3 to 4, as they will get obliterated by railguns and Spartan Lasers and railguns at that level.

I forgot what level the plasma turret is at, but move that expensive to trash to level 2 so it becomes cheap trash :) Edit: or move it to level 1.

As the first few posts have stated, make all scopes available when the weapon is first unlocked. None of the scopes provide an advantage to warrant them being a level higher, and scopes like the morph site are never used because the levels are too damn high and offer no attachments.

As a side note, for WZFF, lower every weapon to at most level 4. Weapons don't provide enough damage or ammo to be effective. Vehicles are much more useful and many are at the same reqs as weapons.

We're already 6 pages into this, but I hope you guy still see my post :)

Edit: Also lower the base hydra launcher to level 4.
Tidales wrote:
Wasp - 4
ONI Wasp - 5
Hannibal Wasp - 6

Phaeton - 7
Phaeton Helios - 8

The Answer - 7

Echidna - 6

Mantis - 5

Plasma Turret - 1 (seriously no one uses this why is it 2?)
Hannibal and ONI wasps can be taken out of the air by same level req's like the Railguns. Tank's and wraiths are level 5 and 6 and are hardly touched by railgun fire. Doesnt make sense to boost their req level. Lets lower some weapons down for easier countering. Not bumping up the level for the wasps.
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