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FFA King Of The Hill

OP Geek Fast

Who would like to see an objective game for FFA? I think an FFA KoTH would be great!
I love FFA and hate objective games... however I can say at this point I would see nothing wrong with adding KOTH and even oddball to FFA as long as they were weighted low enough not to come up to often. Along with those I want to see battle Creek added to FFA...oddball on battle Creek FFA sounds really fun.
That'd be great. Just imagine how many one shots would be fighting inside the hill...
Honestly you’d think FFA KOTH would be a big thing since if memory serves, that was Master Chief’s claim to fame. Would love to see the mode added
Ive always enjoyed this mode and would play FFA if it were in the mix.

Unfortunately there is no social FFA in halo 5 (rumble pit), which is a shame.

Always voted for crazy king on reach when it came up as an option.
Great feedback guys! Anymore votes? 😋
I'd be happy to see Oddball or King of the Hill added into the FFA rotation.