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[Locked] Finally Finished campaign...worst halo story ever.

OP I Anti Saint I

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For the record I think OP is talking specifically about the story (not soundtrack / environment / gameplay/ etc) which in my opinion was an utter disappointment compared to what was advertised. And anyone saying that its a set up for Halo 6 as an excuse or "the advertisements were set up by ONI to make us believe chief was dead.... Blah blah blah" is in denial. The story was garbage. No character development. No real heroes with an actual objective. Locke is just doing his mission he's not a hero. Nothing was resolved. And the fact that Halo 2 had a cliff hanger does not give this game an excuse to have a terrible one.
Well. Yeah, pretty much. Lol.
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La Campaña no es la peor nada mas un mal final que te dejaba en que continuaba, me dejaron como novia de pueblo, vestida y alborotada.
pero no creo que fuera la peor.
I think it's just great everyone has a different favourite campaign and least favourite.

It's like every Halo did something right. And every Halo did something wrong. It's all so relative and personal.

My favourite campaigns were CE and ODST.
My least favourite campaigns were H2 and H5.

So yeah...opinions:)
Halo 5 was basically Avengers : Age of Ultron.

In other words - a few disconnects from the previous title(s). A tone that in reality was a lot lighter than the darker tone that the advertising campaign ran with. Not enough of the characters we really wanted to see. Little to no character development. A villain that spawns from a personal connection with one of the main heroes. Just a lot of shoehorning to get to the next installment.

It wasn't bad, I don't think.But it wasn't really good. Kind of just meh.
I Fond the campange very cool
Always better then H3 campaign
Go Home
I enjoyed the squad mechanics, lighting, and playing as a Spartan in a Fireteam, but the campaign levels had us doing very little... too much of the simple get over here and wipe out enemies. Where is the variation? The Warthog runs, Broadsword/Sabre flying, driving a Mongoose over a bridge with Emile, taking down Scarabs, different ways to approach combat scenarios (all we got were a few different pathways).

Hunt the Truth advertised a mysterious, Captain America: Civil War-like story, with you questioning if Master Chief or Spartan Locke was in the right. In the ads, they held pistols at each other. They announced that the Chief was dead. In the actual game, none of that is relevant and is completely absent. The story's direction revolving around Cortana is questionable and I don't see it working out, but I'm hoping 343 proves me wrong in future Halo fiction.

I loved Halo 4's story but Halo 5: Guardians in terms of story, is a step backwards. Fireteam Osiris and Blue Team were great to see, but they also should have gotten some more development.
Grihaly wrote:
It's not the worst, just the least-best.
Yeap, agree, not the best, but not the worst. Lack of something else...
t's not the worst, just the least-best
LethalQ wrote:
I thought the plot was great. The script wasn't so great. Fighting the Warden so many times was really really lame! The environments were awesome. It had some really fun missions. I just wish they would have included par time and par score achievements.
This sums up my thoughts. I was more disappointed in the script. The use of clichés, cheesy jokes, and one liners does not seem fit in with a group of Spartans on a very serious mission.
Arbi Viper wrote:
Arbi Viper wrote:
Always better then H3 campaign
Heresy! Remove this filth!
and why ?
do u want to say H3 was better ?? With large and empty maps and and all recycled from halo 2 ( soundtrack too)??
Yes, I do want to say that Halo 3 was better. Atleast, in my opinion.
Maps were less filled than in Halo 5, ofcourse. The Xbox 360 had less capacity etc. But about the soundtrack, there were some songs that were as you call it "Recycled" from Halo 2. But was that bad? No, the Halo 3 ost still gives me chills when I listen to it.

Halo 3 did not ignore the events from previous game, it took the story to an epic finale with Chief finishing his fight only to be a hero gone missing who was considered dead.
Halo 5 ignored too much from the previous Halo games and media.
A few examples;
  • The Janus Key
  • The whole Spartan Ops story Line
  • Halo Escalation
  • Hunt The Truth
  • Didact
  • Halsey wanting revenge and her struggle with Sarah Palmer
So, yeah. I was pretty disappointed with all of these just being ignored. But hey, no hard feelings for you opinion though mate.
I agree there should have been more tied in from the previous events but overall I rely enjoyed the H5 campaign. The level of detail in the environment was the best yet. Playing with a fire team added more of a dynamic to each mission by allowing you to direct their actions to better handle enemies and their conversations were always fun to listen to.
I personaly like it but i wish it had more chief. And less warden. I can see why people dont like it though. Its not as good as the classics but im ok with it.
GLaDOSi wrote:
Lethenza wrote:
Overall, it's just a build-up for Halo 6.
this i believe
I agree unfortunately.

Halo 4 was supposed to be a build up for Halo 5 with chief discovering his more human side. Halo 4 had almost no impact on halo 5.
Anyone remember the Janus key storyline that was supposed to lead into halo 5 from escalations and spartan ops? You don't have to!

Remember the Didact from halo 4 and escalation and how he was only contained? You don't have to!

Remember chief discovering his more human side from halo 4? You don't have too!

Remember Jul Mdama and how he was this big bad boss that was such a big deal from escalations and spartan ops? You don't need to! All you had to know in Halo 5 was he was a bad guy that's it!

Remember hunt the truth? You don't really need to!

Remember the amazing advertising campaign? 343i lied to us!

Remember how halo 5 was supposed to be the darkest halo yet? Where was that?

Halo 5 story had soooooooooo much potential after the ending halo 4 had. Halo 5 campaign was such a waste of a story.
I say it was better then halo 4 story I still enjoy halo 4 but halo 5 story was better to me
The campaign, in terms of gameplay, mission variety, set pieces, and many other aspects was pretty good.
The story though, the actual plot of Halo 5, is probably my least-liked story.
Wow, this campaign was just awful. Anyone agree? I thought it was the worst one yet hands down.
agree'd mostly cause 343 were rushed by microsoft, i bet if they had a few more months, it would of been decent.
I remember when my friends and I finished the last mission, we were like "that's it?"
I say it was better then halo 4 story I still enjoy halo 4 but halo 5 story was better to me
I respect your opinion but how could you say the story was better than 4?

Halo 5 ignored sooooo much from the Halo 4 story that it is ridiculous
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