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Finally reached 152

OP IX Demon 117 IX

Finally hit 152 after what felt like an eternity. The grind was real but I am content that it is finally finished. It took me 29 days in arena and 35 days in warzone to finally reach max rank. Now the only thing left for me to do in Halo 5 since I already have 100 percent commendations is to do LASO for Halo 5. I realize that there are multiple “I made it to 152 yay” threads so I would like to make this somewhat different. I would like to hear what other players have accomplished in Halo that you would like to share. Below is some of mine.

Halo CE anniversary: All achievements, completed LASO
Halo 3: All achievements, completed LASO
Halo ODST: All achievements, completed LASO
Halo Wars: All achievements, . completed LASO (was the hardest laso to do) reached General rank.
Halo Reach: All achievements, completed LASO, and REACHed Inheritor.
Halo 4: All achievements, completed LASO, 100 percent commendations.
Halo MCC: All Achievements completed LASO for all games completed (not counting the new skulls for Halo CE which will be attempted shortly) Every single playlist completed.
Halo 5: All achievements, 100 percent commendations. Reached 152 (Will be attempting LASO now that the grind for 152 is finished).
Halo Wars 2: All achievements, completed LASO for all campaigns (easiest one to complete aside from getting the scarab to the end of the mission within 30 minutes) Reached rank 100. Completed wave 100 on legendary on Terminus firefight.

There is nothing to big nor small to share. I am sincerely eager to hear some of yours Halo accomplishments.
Well I just past half way from 151 to 152 today so just under 7.5 million XP to go. Once I finish it I will go back to MCC. I am not interested in doing anything else in H5. Definitely not interested in LASO. Maybe I will try a few of the co op achievements if I can find another player at the right time to give it a go again, the last time I tried with another player the yoinking achievement didn't pop. As far as achievements in Halo probably the Legend achievement in MCC only because when I did it it was back in MCC was really buggy and I had to redo several levels across the titles to get the achievement to pop. But as long as this 152 grind is I hope infinite has a grind just as long but balanced with some short term achievements and some just some what long achievement... But sadly getting to 152 doesn't even grant an achievement just an emblem and some token in Infinite but I guess that is better than nothing.
Congrats man!
That's a hard list to follow, congrats!

I'm still at 145, currently kicking myself for never using XP boosts until this point (I sold 95% of them along the way).

Until 152, my favorite recent accomplishments were beating the Breaking solo on Legendary without dying, and completing Halo 1-4 Legendary in MCC to prep for Halo 5's release (and got that sweet Helioskrill). Next up are getting that last Breakout commendation (surviving the whole game) and LASOing all campaigns. It's nice there are always more things to do in Halo!
Congrats and welcome to the top
Great job man! I myself still have a long way to go.
I don't think I'll ever reach 152 with the amount of time I get to play and I'm not even at 9million exp yet.
I for one do like to max out Halo games
Halo 2: 46 in Team slayer and 44 in Snipers before the reset (not on this tag, my tag from 2005) I created ouv in 2008.
Halo 3: 50 in every playlist and 5 star general
Halo Reach: Inheritor
Halo 4: sr130
Halo 5: currently 145 (Goal) to get champ rank one day
Halo MCC: (Goal) To reach level 50 [Because I never got one in Halo 2, I could have and boosted but never did]
Halo Wars 2: (Goal) to reach general and get a decent rank of maybe diamond or onyx one day
Halo Spartan Assault: (Goal) Complete the game with all gold stars
Halo Spartan Strike: (Goal) Complete the game with all gold stars

I would like to complete all the campaigns, even though I haven't touched them....
props. this never gets old.