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Fix the respawn times

OP Doncut97

343 really needs to fix the respawn times for Warzone Firefight. I can't play it because I die from BS and then have to wait longer then I should. It needs to stay at 10 seconds permanently because I've seen so many round 5 fails because everyone got killed and then we are forced to wait 30 seconds to respawn and there is then no time to kill the enemies.
Yeah, it's pretty annoying in the later rounds because everyone is just sitting around waiting to respawn. I get that there should be a penalty for dying so that it installs a sense of caution, but it gets to a point where it's ridiculous. I'd like to play the game, not wait 30 seconds because I got nearly insta-gibbed by a group of enemies/boss.
Your a spartan, you don't need extra lives. We are the core of the armies of the world.
we are spartans... we can kill a bullet sponge in 8 seconds. NOT especialy with a -Yoinked!- up re-spawn timer that means you sit out half the fight if you go hard, or the enemy gets lucky

insert sarcasm font
I too would like to see the respawn timers reduced as well as having the spawn positions adjusted so that they aren't across the map. I wouldn't make them permanently at 10 seconds though. I'd increase each round by only 2 or 3 seconds rather than 5.
the ai, with aimbot accuracy, huge ranges, and prometheans being bullet sponges, they shouldn't make you wait 30 seconds because a promethean sniped you with a light rifle

"So how do we make firefight more fun than the beta?" "We make them wait!"