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For you: what is the worst map in HALO 5?

OP GuiiBRasilio

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Torque and Empire (Weird I like Eden)
Also SWAT on Tyrant, just a game of poke your head round the corner and BAM!
Molten. Iv'e never had so many enemies spawn behind me.............
Overgrowth was my least favorite until molten came out.
Halo 5 has maps? News to me. But I'd say Torque and Antifreeze.
Riptide, without question. I hate that map.

Empire, Truth, and Regret by far being the worst. My reasoning being SWAT where you spawn 15 feet from where you died and instantly get shot as you spawn, before you can even think of moving. Empire is just as bad for the same reason.

Molten is bad for the sake of CQC engagements every match
Pegasus...far and away Pegasus
Regret it's kind of a luck map
Not a fan of Regret
Arena: Pegasus. Dear god that map is horrid. Gameplay and Aesthetically.

EDIT: Completely forgot about Regret. It's not as bad as Pegasus,'s so unappealing. And it's not the greatest in the gameplay department.

Warzone: TBH all of them are good, but March on Stormbreak is my least favorite. Ugh, it's so...bland. And boring... even Darkstar is better.

WZA: Urban. Need I explain?

WZFF: Urban. It's IMPOSSIBLE to beat that map. Round 3 usually is a "Protect the Forerunner Core" and the Prometheans spawn in like crazy. They NEVER stop. And within 2 minutes, the game is over.
Agree 100%. I hate Regret asthetically. And Stormbreak is the definition of a linear map. Kinda hard to break out of the one armory you have. And if I'm trying to get my daily win and I see Urban, I feel like crying...
SpitFlame wrote:
Pegasus. Literally no one likes it. I'll be in denial if anyone tells me that they actually enjoy this cancerous map.
I actually can stand this map but the fact that the Reds spawn in the only power location in the whole map gives a certain advantage to the Reds. At least it is more bearable than Overgrowth.
Arena: Molten or Torque because you can't see a damn thing.

WZFF: Darkstar because the enemy spawns in the most unreachable places yet they can shoot you from there.

WZ: Sanctum because you know why.
Swat is awful on Rig too.
Molten For Slayer... But I like it for Swat With the Magnum
Torque and Stasis are my least favorite.
Are you guys serious? Molten is an amazing map. I love whenever I get it. The lava looks really cool and you can barely tell it's a rig remix. My least favorite map would probably be overgrowth, but I don't despise it. I just like like the other maps better.
How can you not tell its a rig remix.....
Molten, Riptide and Tyrant. Halo 5 just has some really bad maps none of them are memorable or would ever be worth revisiting again.
Depends on the gametype.
All of them.

Even Halo 4 had better maps.
It's funny how everyone is talking about all of these maps....the maps are so bad I can't even remember what their names are. Least memorable maps in halo history....that's sad. I don't think anyone could make an argument for any one of the maps to be in a top 10, 20, or even 30 list for all time grates. Maps are probably the worst part of halo 5....including the story. I really wonder where they took inspiration sure wasn't from the giant list of amazing halo maps that they have at their disposal.
Overgrowth, say what you will about The Rig, Riptide or Pegasus because none of them are nowhere near as bad as Overgrowth.
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